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Stayin Alive

Is it a photoshoot?! No it's the French Open!

Is it a photoshoot?! No it’s the French Open!

It’s Wednesday, officially the 4th day of the tournament, but the Wilson team is on day 10…. not that we are keeping track or anything! And in the word of the Bee Gee’s we are Stayin Alive! 🙂
It’s been an extremely productive past few days for me and the Digital Marketing team (Robin and I)..We have been able to get some great footage of our Wilson Exclusive athletes Philipp Kohlschreiber, Feliciano Lopez, Paul Henri Mathieu, Anne Keothavong and Mandy Minella…. it’s great to have athletes that are kick a** tennis players and are also very ‘marketable’….. Robin took some amazing photos that looked like they were out of a photoshoot, not intense play at a Grand Slam… hats off to RF, he is elevating our level… his stuff is a bit better than what I was capturing on my blackberry… haha…. In addition, it’s also an extreme positive for me that I get to speak to someone through the day instead of running from court to court by myself, I have officially stopped talking to myself through the day! 😉
So we were able to get an Inside the Life with Next Gen’r Vasel Pospisil… he’s a very charming kid with a big serve and big game… watch out for him on the grass and hard, he will definitely be a player to make waves this year…. the video will come out later this week…. that is, if we stop shooting and actually have time to edit!!! It’s a running joke between Robin and I that we will have an edit day so we can get the stuff out… but so far there has been none. There is just too many awesome things happening and in video ‘they say you can never have enough’…. so today we will have 10 players to shoot! lol
Today we meet up with Wilson team France to do the protest to keep the Juice and Steam legal! Should be interesting…. I have no idea what to expect and how many people will show up… all I know is that Robin and I have to walk a bloody mile with camera gear and computers. NOT SO GLAM! 😛
So just a couple more days of Paris for me and I can’t wait to come home and see the Chicago team, sit in my cubicle, eat by the windows and carry on with my friends during the Chicago summer.

Until later,





Giants in Oz – G’Day 7- 2012 Australian Open

Sneak peek at 2012 US Open Wilson Tennis Apparel on Feliciano Lopez

So in case you haven’t figured out the title yet, it’s not about the giant tennis players, it’s about me and my obsession with the NY Giants!! lol

I woke up today and saw the good news that my tweeting had paid off and the photo that I took yesterday at the courts had made the Giants website! haha I am super proud of this photo (Clement & Tracy NY Giants) and the funny part is that Clement was so bitter about taking the pic cause he does not care for one second about American football.

I have been a huge Giants fan since I was a kid, I have not missed many games since I stopped playing on tour… my dad, sister and I would call each other after each play to give our commentaries about the play calls….. but today is one of those days that is going to make it tough to watch the GMen take on the Packers. I have an interviews for the stringing room to attend to, we have the newest member of our team Vika Azarenka 1st on today, meetings with agents on the upcoming photoshoot in March, our young players Grigor Dimitrov & Alexandr Dolgopolov, Ksenia Pervak and many more are in action today too, so obviously being the 1st day of the main draw,  we will be going RAPID… I cannot park myself in front of a tv to scream at Tom Coughlin… 🙂 so will sport the Giants t-shirt, but it’s all about the Wilson team at the Australian Open today!!! 🙂

The photo above is a quick look at Feli Lopez’s photoshoot we did…. what you may not know is that the photoshoot was done at the hotel tennis court. It was super convenient as we stay only five minutes away from the stadium so players can get back to the courts quickly…. an even better fact…. I saw Feli topless…. and bottomless….. hahaha…..Feli really is a super nice guy and we are so happy to have him as the newest Wilson Exclusive athlete.

Off to the courts…

Until later,


Getting amp’d with Alex Kuznetsov- 2012 Australian Open

Alex Kuznetsov after his 1st round qualies win at the 2012 Australian Open

We caught up with the Wilson Exclusive athlete Alex Kuznetsov after his 1st round Australian Open qualies win to get to know him a little bit better.

Check out the short interview and the songs that get him amp’d to play.

Favorite quote: You only live once

Favorite store to shop: Nordstroms

Fashion icon: Pharrel Williams

One word to describe my style: casual

One word to describe Wilson clothes: Fresh

One word to describe my Wilson racquet: Explosive

Top 5 songs

1. Mac Miller- Knock Knock

2. Drake ft. Lil Wayne- The Motto

3. Avicii – Levels (skrillex remix)

4. Mac Miller- Donald Trump

5. Coldplay- Paradise


Check out the gear:

Laser Speed Crew-
Dynamic tri-color burn out patterned short sleeve crew.
Raglan crew with front chest and side contrast insets, mesh paneling for excellent zoned cooling effects

Blow Away Short-
“10”” woven short with mesh gusset, contrast back/side panels and slanted inseam pockets with darted ball pocket bag.

Tour 15 pack red-

Designed for Wilson’s pro players and carried on court by all players playing the BLX SIX.ONE racket. This is ideal for serious players of every level. Sized to hold as many as 15 rackets and featuring Wilson’s patent bag technologies (ThermoGuard, MoistureGuard) with 2 small and 2 large outer pockets to carry everything competitive players need on court. PVC free for lower environmental impact.

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Tennis for life!

Vamos Team Argentina!

Hey all,

Well, it’s been a really long September for the Wilson team.

After our long stint at the US Open, it was off to South Carolina to join our US Sales team and talk about 2012.We have some really cool new rackets coming in January and we were thrilled so show them off to the team. (For those of you that want a sneak peek, here’s a hint… check out our 2012 Wilson Tennis Apparel Fashion show on Facebook)

We managed to get plenty of on court time at this meeting. It is not very often that we all hit the courts together, so of course, we had to make it competitive and have our own Davis Cup/WTT competition… with a twist, of course!! 🙂 First, we had to come up with a team cheer…..yeah, let’s just say that it was not pretty, but extremely funny!! (ps My team definitely did not win this part!) So for the tennis, we had teams of approx 10, two courts going, and one court had to use junior tennis equipment and every team mate had to play at least one point. It was interesting to truly feel the difference between the transitional equipment and the standard and how it slows the ball down drastically and makes it that much easier for beginner kids and adults to play.  Of course, regardless of levels, everyone was super intense and I am happy to announce that my team, Team Argentina got the big W!! 🙂  Tour Manager, Mario Vergara was definitely the MVP of our team! lol Good fun!

Then after a good 5 days with the Wilson sales force, it was time to head to Saddlebrook in Wesley Chapel, FL for the USPTA World Conference. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be speak at this years conference and it was really cool to have many of the coaches and tennis people that I have respected and admired for many years support and attend my breakout to get to know more about social media. I feel lucky to have that experience and hopefully we got some people psyched on Twitter, Facebook, etc.!! 🙂

As an impending birthday approaches (yes I am getting old!) it is more and more apparent that tennis has brought me more opportunities than I could ever ask for. To have played from juniors to tour to teaching to now ‘the business’ , tennis really is the sport of a lifetime…. cheesy, right?! 😉

Well, that is my deep thought of the day…. now it’s all about 2012 and what we can do to get everyone crazy about tennis!

Until later,


Day 3- Paris 2011

Wilson Tennis Monarch Skirt
Hey all, It’s 4:50am and I have been up doing email and work since about 1am…I got a solid 2  1/2 hrs of sleep tonight!! 😛 Not sure how long I can keep this up, but we’ve got more work to do!!! 🙂
Today was a super busy day….the suite was rockin as we had Andreas Beck, Petra Martic, Federico Delbonis, Amer Delic, Anne Keothavong, the Bondarenko sisters and many more who stopped by today.
During our player services, we make sure they get the equipment they need as well as get feedback on our products…we have been getting a lot of interest from many players about our tennis apparel….Philipp Kohlscrhreiber, Horia Tecau, Melanie Oudin, Frank Dancevic and Corinna Dentoni are just some of the players wearing our clothing now and will have some fun new editions to our Wilson exclusive team soon!! 🙂
Until then, check out the photos of the new summer apparel collection and what Wilson Exclusive ladies are using at Roland Garros.
Until next time, Tracy

Corinna Dentoni in Wilson Tennis clothes


Grigor Dimitrov gets his spin on

Wilson’s Next Gen players can’t wait to leave their mark on the ATP & WTA Tour.
They are the future of our sport. They bring serious energy to the courts and their passion, desire and heart will lead them to success.
Get to know the Wilson Next Gen crew as they meet up with experts from other fields and have their hand at something new while having some serious fun.

Check out Wilson Next Gen’r Grigor Dimitrov spin with Crossfader King Dj’s