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Day 3- Paris 2011

Wilson Tennis Monarch Skirt
Hey all, It’s 4:50am and I have been up doing email and work since about 1am…I got a solid 2  1/2 hrs of sleep tonight!! 😛 Not sure how long I can keep this up, but we’ve got more work to do!!! 🙂
Today was a super busy day….the suite was rockin as we had Andreas Beck, Petra Martic, Federico Delbonis, Amer Delic, Anne Keothavong, the Bondarenko sisters and many more who stopped by today.
During our player services, we make sure they get the equipment they need as well as get feedback on our products…we have been getting a lot of interest from many players about our tennis apparel….Philipp Kohlscrhreiber, Horia Tecau, Melanie Oudin, Frank Dancevic and Corinna Dentoni are just some of the players wearing our clothing now and will have some fun new editions to our Wilson exclusive team soon!! 🙂
Until then, check out the photos of the new summer apparel collection and what Wilson Exclusive ladies are using at Roland Garros.
Until next time, Tracy

Corinna Dentoni in Wilson Tennis clothes