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Stop Motion Tennis

We’re s-s-switching it up in our latest video featuring Horia Tecau.  Check  out a day in the life of the pro player as he wakes up, steps into his Rush Pro’s and prepares for a day at the Australian Open – stop motion style.


Outstanding 2012 Drives Momentum for Wilson Tennis Athlete and New Technology Success for 2013 Australian Open


Coming off an exceptional 2012 on tour and a year with considerable growth in Wilson’s business and brand position, Wilson Tennis (www.wilsontennis.com) is in top form for the Australian Open with defending women’s champion Victoria Azarenka, Wilson-career player Roger Federer and 2012 US Open winner Serena Williams, fresh off her title at the Brisbane International Tournament. With the introduction of new Blade™ rackets, along with the new Steam and top selling Juice® and Pro Staff® rackets, Wilson is positioned well to continue its growth in 2013.

“Our athletes had an incredible 2012,” said Jon Muir, general manager of Wilson Racquet Sports. “Combined with very strong business results, we have fantastic momentum heading into 2013 and the Australian Open. We developed an amazing pipeline of new products that drove our growth in 2012 and our player’s success on tour with these same products further fueled our development. We are looking forward to seeing some of our new technologies and new head to toe softgoods collections help our player’s success for the Australian Open and throughout 2013.”

Serena Williams continues her success with Wilson’s new Blade racket for 2013, winning the 2013 Brisbane event, which marks her 47th career title and extends her dominant performances to 35 wins in her last 36 matches.  Wilson tour players produced other milestones at Brisbane: Grigor Dimitrov broke through to the finals with the Pro Staff; and Kei Nishikori reached the semis playing with the Steam.

Heading into 2013, Wilson has also signed French player Gael Monfils, who has switched to Wilson’s new Blade racket along with Russian Vera Zvonareva, winner of last year’s Australian Open’s women’s doubles title, playing with the new Steam 99.   Along with Wilson’s new Blade and Steam racket ranges, Wilson’s head to toe players will be using the new Rush Pro shoe and wearing our spring season apparel collection.

On The Rise: Rhyne Williams

Wilson Next Gen player, Rhyne Williams, has stretched his success from Tennessee Volunteer to pro player on the rise. And by rise we mean RISE. Williams proved himself as a junior, winning three singles futures, but since turning pro this young player has shot up over 300 spots on the ATP rankings…and that’s just in the past year. No coincidence there, folks. That kind of tennis play takes serious training and dedication; the kind of dedication that secured him a spot in the main draw of the 2012 US Open & garnered a wild card playoff win for the Australian Open. We got a chance to catch up with Williams before he boarded the flight to Oz and he was nice enough to fill us in on his strategy going into the second Slam of his career. Read on! 

Wilson: Rhyne, congrats on winning the Australian Open wildcard playoffs. This makes the second major in a row for you…any differences in strategy between the US Open & Oz?

Rhyne Williams: Thank you. I have made a few improvements in my game during the preseason training such as moving forward to close out points, taking my backhand early, and serving bigger second serves. I would like to Implement those things down here in Australia.

W: What aspects of playing (or visiting) Australia are you most looking forward to?

RW: I am looking forward to seeing a new culture and meeting new people. I also really want to visit a local zoo if I have time. As for the playing aspect, just being in the main draw of a slam will be incredible. I would like to try and get some wins before heading to Melbourne. 

W: On the long flight to Oz, what will you do to kill the boredom? Do you watch movies, sleep, read, etc?

RW: I probably won’t be able to sleep too long. My legs and neck usually start hurting after 6 hours then I turn to Tv and movies. I downloaded season 3 of my show Justified and also season 10 of Family Guy. Maybe there will be someone seated next to me who is halfway interesting.

W: You’ve really blazed up the rankings in the past year. Is there anything specific you would attribute that to? 

RW: I would attribute a lot to my fitness level which has increased probably 30 percent. I still have a lot of work to do but I am getting there. Also I am happy traveling with my cousin/coach Christopher Williams. He has helped me a bunch with my mental game. 

W: What are your professional goals for 2013?

RW: In 2013 I just want to give myself opportunities to make the Grand Slam main draws. Either by qualifying or making main draw off of ranking. An amazing year would be finishing near the top 100. That’s a hefty goal.

W: What about personal? Any New Years Resolutions? 

RW: Hmm… I have not made any New Years resolutions but I guess it’s not too late. How about I limit myself to pizza once a month. That’s going to hurt.

Wilson Talks to Australian Open Wildcard, Madison Keys

Madison Keys at the 2012 Wimbledon Qualies

It’s official. We have Grand Slam fever! With under a week left until the Australian Open, it’s GO-time. Wilson staff are in Melbourne busting out the Wilson Suite and the pros are hard at work to prepare for the first Slam of the season. Among these Oz elite are many of Wilson’s Next Gen players. We got a chance to talk with Madison Keys, a Next Gener who’s Australian-Open-bound after her second consecutive wild card playoff win.  This week, Keys easily bested two top 50 players at the Aria International and hasn’t stopped yet. Keys will now face Li in her first ever  WTA Quarterfinal. Oh, and did we mention that she’s only 17? Currently at her career high ranking of 135, we say the sky’s the limit for this young player. Read our Q&A below and be on the lookout for her at the Australian Open!

Wilson: Congratulations on winning the Australian Open wildcard playoff for the second year in a row. We’re excited to see you in action! What are you most looking forward to about returning to Australia this year?

Madison Keys: Well firstly I’m just excited to be going Down Under again. This will be my 3rd time and I’m excited to see Australia again. I’m also looking forward to being in another Slam. It’s always super exciting being in a Grand Slam and I’m very happy that all my hard work has helped me to win this great opportunity of being in main draw.

W: Any differences in your strategy going into the tournament between this year and last year?

MK: Yes, my biggest goal is to win more than 3 games and not get my butt kicked! HAHA.. I feel like I am going to be more prepared for this tournament than I was last year. The last season has really helped me get a better idea of how I want to play and how to put my game together which hopefully will help me complete my goal.

W: You have a really strong serve. Any tips for young players looking to improve their serve speed and accuracy?

MK: My biggest tip is to practice…a lot. Just taking a basket out and putting up targets can really help, and you can do it by yourself.

W: What are your professional goals for 2013?

MK: My biggest goal for 2013 is to make it into the main draw of a grand slam on my ranking. Other than that goal I just really want to keep improving on what I’ve been working on and to be happy with how I played and competed after each match that I play, win or lose.

W: How about personal? Any New Years Resolutions?

MK: I will keep my room cleaner and be nicer to my sisters…haha jk. (that was for my mom) For real my biggest resolution is to finish up my senior year with good grades in 2013.

W: On the long flight to Oz, what will you do to kill the boredom? Do you watch movies, sleep, read, etc?

MK: On the flight I’m going to read (already downloaded 4 books on my Kindle) and watch lots of movies. Pitch Perfect (a new personal favorite movie of mine) will be watched at least once. I also plan on sleeping as much as possible, when we get there it will be early morning, so I’m going to have to stay up all day.

Back in the Saddle

Milos Raonic swinging his new Wilson Blade 98 tennis racket

Milos Raonic swinging his new Wilson Blade 98 tennis racket

Happy New Year tennis heads!!

So it’s been an incredible holiday… I visited the Philippines for the first time in 15 years.  It truly was an amazing experience to be back in the “homeland” and get to spend time with all my aunts, uncles and cousins…. I had so much fun seeing everyone and definitely have a new appreciation for my heritage and am even more proud to know who I am and where I came from.

Not only was it great family bonding time (and believe me, I have TONS of family)…. it was a trip of firsts… I ate a balut egg (yeah, like you see on Bizarre foods), ate durian (smells like a foot, tastes like bubble gum), went on a Bangka boat ride, jumped off a cliff, was the 1st ER patient on Jan.1st (will write more on this later) , sang in front of family and yes, I also actually turned off my cell phone and did not work for about 10 days…. It was amazing, but now I am ready to get back into it!!!

So here we go……I am sitting here at the airport getting ready to go from Manila to Hong Kong to Melbourne, Australia…. Not exactly the most direct flight, but that’s all that was available for today so that I can make it in time for Oz Open qualies.  AND on top of that, we were originally supposed to shoot with Milos Raonic on Tuesday, but as things always do, schedules changed, so we are shooting on Monday aka TOMORROW!!!!!…. So I arrive midnight and need to be ready to go bright and early…. Only thing is I am a bit nervous as I am not sure if the stuff I have shipped to Oz is even there yet, but guess we’ll see! …..Should be a fun day though, we are going to be in Melbourne for heaven’s sake!!! 🙂

I hope you’ve liked the videos and everything we have put out so far in 2013, we’ve got more exciting and fun stuff to come.

Tomorrow, make sure you check out our 2013 Wilson Tennis Anthem… I won’t say too much, only that it features music by Kaskade… SO KILLER!!! It’s one of my favorite songs and we got to use it! YEAH! 🙂

Make sure to check out our YouTube channel for it:


Time to board…..

Until later,


Family bonding in the Philippines. Proud to be Almeda & Singian!

Family bonding in the Philippines. Proud to be Almeda & Singian!

Sabine Lisicki answers Facebook fan questions


Sabine Lisicki is the WTA world #14 and always a crowd favorite.

Sabine has had her best results with her Wilson Blade 98 Pink BLX tennis racket, reaching a career high #14 and reached the semis of Wimbledon, becoming the 1st German in 12 years to reach a Grand Slam semi.

We caught up with Sabine to get some of your fan questions answered.

Anderson Chan What’s your favorite dessert and which kind of restaurant’s you like to go :)?
Sabine: Ice cream in the summer at a gelatos place. I enjoy the variety of restaurants. Pretty much depends what I feel like. But I do like to go to Indian restaurants.

Robin Wilson  Whats your pre-match meal/snack consist of?
Sabine: Usually plain rice or gluten free pasta with a little bit of chicken

Kristin Dietz Jones What is your favorite junk food?
Sabine: See question number one

Aliny Calejon  Who’s her dream mixed doubles partner?
Sabine: Roger Federer

Ahmad Mubarak Tell us about your pet.
Sabine: What do you want to know? It’s a Yorkshire terrier and is called Happy 🙂

Vika Azarenka joins Wilson team, gets Juice’y & wins 1st Grand Slam to become WTA World #1

Congratulations to 2012 Australian Open Women’s Singles Champion and WTA World #1 Victoria Azarenka!!!
Wilson owns MORE GRAND SLAMS than any other brand and Vika continues the tradition of excellence.

Vika Azarenka gets a Juice'y kiss from the Australian Open trophy

Armed with her Wilson Juice 100 tennis racket, Victoria ‘Vika’ Azarenka dominates the Sharapova 6-3 6-0 to win her 1st Grand Slam Singles title, take the #1 ranking on the WTA Tour and is an undefeated 12-0 since switching to the Wilson Juice.

Vika’s gear:
Juice 100
Tour 15 pack tennis bag blue
Luxilon Alu Power 125
W vibration dampener yellow

Victoria Azarenka plays with the Wilson Juice 100 tennis racket

To see more photos from the final: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150520474698657.369246.26577873656&type=1