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Go Ninja Go Ninja GO!

Of course we need Wilson MORE WIN flags for our meeting!

Of course we need Wilson MORE WIN flags for our meeting!

Hey there,

Well, this has been the longest time I have gone without really doing any heavy lifting on social media EVER.

Thanks to that ‘little’ event in London and due to rules, we were not allowed to talk about our players, events and everything…. so I’ve had a 3 week Wilson social media vaca and officially I will get to speak about those results in three days… 🙂

For now, I will talk more about inside Wilson. So what you may or may not know is that my position has morphed to Wilson Tennis Hardgoods Marketing Manager. What does that mean? Well, it seems like I do everything I was doing before and A LOT of additional new stuff! haha All joking aside, I am learning new things and getting to be more ‘hands on’ with how we go to market to YOU, our players… my main focus is with tennis rackets and in a way, my job just kind of extended and grew wings…..I am working more on future stuff instead of the in the moment things… but because social media is so important, seems like this change helps everything be more cohesive.
The best part of this promotion is that I have had the opportunity to work more closely with the EVERYONE in the office. I’m loving not just being in my own world. Most of my communication in the past has purely been through the iPhone with Twitter and Facebook… that was my ‘sanity’!! 🙂 I’m enjoying the new gig, and soon we’ll see if the rest of the office does! They are definitely not used to having me around this much!!! haha

The change really has given me the opportunity to travel less and enjoy Chicago more both personally and professionally.

This past weekend was amazing. A few of us went to our first Comic Con on Friday and got some killer pictures with Storm Troopers, Spiderman, Penguin and more. Then Erika and I planned on paddle boarding yesterday, but it was too choppy and by chance we caught a Vanilla Ice concert and got a photo!! He actually took it with my phone cause I got too excited and deleted the original one I took… lol yes, I freaked out for Vanilla Ice as people do for Federer.. come on now,  Ice Ice Baby and Go Ninja were the best back in the day!! LOL

We have been working tirelessly to get things ready for our meeting which starts tomorrow. We just set up the stage tonight and I’ve been working on a few 2013 things that I am super psyched about…. I am especially motivated by the videos we did and I can only can hope that the US team thinks they are as good as we think it is!!

Ok, I am rambling cause I am super nervous and excited for our internal show…..

Fingers crossed and will write more tomorrow.

Until later,


PS. For those who always say I have the best job, well, now is your chance to work at Wilson and with me! BEWARE!! 😉 Click link for info on  Digital Specialist position

Yes, I geeked out at Chicago Comic Con. I LOVE STAR WARS

Yes, I geeked out at Chicago Comic Con. I LOVE STAR WARS

Erika Offerdahl, Tracy Almeda-Singian and Vanilla Ice!!

Erika Offerdahl, Tracy Almeda-Singian and Vanilla Ice!!




G-L-A-M-O- NO!!!!!

Robert Lindstedt and Horia Tecau hitting with fans... yes, that is me in the background, feeding balls in little Gucci heelsImage

Good morning….. so here we go, I have been on the road for a week and I can feel myself getting sick…. this is par for the course, when we get most of the heavy lifting done, the body starts to shut down…..

So everyone thinks that this job is uber glamourus and I can assure you that no job is always shiny and bedazzled out!! lol The not so fun part of social media is that it’s 24 hours a day and never ends. There is always questions or responses needed..- not so glam…. with my tour responsiblities, getting rackets signed in a parking lot- not so glam…. we are always still arranging the appearances at 8 or 9pm at night… not so glam…. The schedule always comes out late and then we have to make all the phone calls with the tournament to agent to player to retailer…. So there is never really a dinner that I don’t leave the table to make phone calls…..not so glam…. I am just super lucky to have friends that are super understanding. 

After saying that, the best part of my job is getting to see the results of the time we put in…. Seeing kids trying their darndest to impress Horia and Robert as they hit- AWESOME, hearing the screeching of Roger’s fans- SCARY BUT GOOD, having players enjoy & truly have fun doing the crazy skits and ideas I have MAKES ME SMILE…. and even cooler was meeting a twitter follower yesterday! YEAH!! Occassionally, I get to meet the great people that follow us religiously and make our brand what it is…. some serious tennis players that really love the game!!

Yesterday, I met Cris T, who puts out some great tweets regularly… she was super nice and sweet and it’s awesome to meet people who love Wilson. Chris and the people I meet on the road that are Wilson loyal and part of the Wilson family, THAT’S what makes the insomnia worth it! lol

Anyway, so today is probably the last day I have to really have to push through the chaos…. breakfast meeting on some social media stuff with a 3rd party dude, going to get Wilson National Sales Manager Jeffery Adams to do some voiceover for the Juice vid, Feli Lopez will do a bag check, Dolgo will do an autograph session and a video with Grigor Dimitrov, then have to finally try to sit down and get the Juice video we shot last week edited… it really is so cool, I want to get it out now!! lol

Well, I am going to… oh another great part of social media… I am typing this from bed!!! haha

Time to get up and do work!! 🙂

Until later,


1st photo: Robert Lindstedt and Horia Tecau hitting with fans… yes, that is me in the background, feeding balls in little Gucci heels

2nd photo: Cutie Wilson jr players getting ready to hit with Horia and Robert

video: shot this a couple days ago with WTA… I wrote the script.. aka the QUESO… not sure if everyone gets the humor and that they are supposed to over act but hope people like it… Vika and Petra are really awesome people


Tennis for life!

Vamos Team Argentina!

Hey all,

Well, it’s been a really long September for the Wilson team.

After our long stint at the US Open, it was off to South Carolina to join our US Sales team and talk about 2012.We have some really cool new rackets coming in January and we were thrilled so show them off to the team. (For those of you that want a sneak peek, here’s a hint… check out our 2012 Wilson Tennis Apparel Fashion show on Facebook)

We managed to get plenty of on court time at this meeting. It is not very often that we all hit the courts together, so of course, we had to make it competitive and have our own Davis Cup/WTT competition… with a twist, of course!! 🙂 First, we had to come up with a team cheer…..yeah, let’s just say that it was not pretty, but extremely funny!! (ps My team definitely did not win this part!) So for the tennis, we had teams of approx 10, two courts going, and one court had to use junior tennis equipment and every team mate had to play at least one point. It was interesting to truly feel the difference between the transitional equipment and the standard and how it slows the ball down drastically and makes it that much easier for beginner kids and adults to play.  Of course, regardless of levels, everyone was super intense and I am happy to announce that my team, Team Argentina got the big W!! 🙂  Tour Manager, Mario Vergara was definitely the MVP of our team! lol Good fun!

Then after a good 5 days with the Wilson sales force, it was time to head to Saddlebrook in Wesley Chapel, FL for the USPTA World Conference. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be speak at this years conference and it was really cool to have many of the coaches and tennis people that I have respected and admired for many years support and attend my breakout to get to know more about social media. I feel lucky to have that experience and hopefully we got some people psyched on Twitter, Facebook, etc.!! 🙂

As an impending birthday approaches (yes I am getting old!) it is more and more apparent that tennis has brought me more opportunities than I could ever ask for. To have played from juniors to tour to teaching to now ‘the business’ , tennis really is the sport of a lifetime…. cheesy, right?! 😉

Well, that is my deep thought of the day…. now it’s all about 2012 and what we can do to get everyone crazy about tennis!

Until later,


Andrea Petkovic joins Wilson World Record Attempt

WTA Tennis World #11 Andrea Petkovic announced that she will join Mardy Fish in Wilson’s attempt to set the Guinness Book of World Record for the “Most people to bounce a tennis ball on their racquet in one location” on August 26, 2011 at the Billie Jean King Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows, NY.

Petkovic is having a stellar year, using her Wilson Six.One Team BLX racquet to win her 2nd career singles title, reach the quarterfinals of Australian Open and French Open and catapult her to a career high #11 in the world.

“We are psyched to have Andrea on board for the event. Her fun and energetic personality is perfect for getting everyone on the courts,” said Mike Steck, Wilson Racquet Global Director of Marketing. “And we can’t wait to see what dance moves she busts out after we break the record!”

Fish and Petkovic are encouraging kids to get fit and get into sport. One of the first things players learn when starting tennis, is to bounce the ball on their racquet and the Guinness World Record attempt will have players of all ages do just that. The first 500 kids to participate in the world record attempt will receive a free Wilson junior racquet and a can of tennis balls so they can get started right away!

For more information on the event and how to win a trip to New York to help Andrea Petkovic, Mardy Fish & Wilson break the record, go to:


To RSVP to join Mardy and Andrea on August 26th at the BJK Tennis Center


Wimbledon- “Manic Monday & MORE GRUNTS?!”

Mardy Fish gets low with his Wilson Six.One 95 BLX tennis racquet

Well, today was certainly full of surprises!

It’s great to see Mardy Fish reach his first Wimbledon quarterfinal and carry the US pride strong as the only American left in the draw.

Feliciano Lopez used his Wilson Pro Open BLX racquet to follow up his win against Roddick by coming back from behind and win in 5 sets against Kubot. I said this in my Tweet, but what a ‘talented & tasty’ match!! Girls, I hope you were watching this one! 😉

On the women’s side, unfortunately, Venus & Serena went down today….have to say it was quite a great effort to reach the 4th round after not competing for 6 months & a year for Serena…shows their strength as competitors….for sure, we will see them back winning tournaments shortly.

Petra Kvitova has made her way through the draw very quietly, but tomorrow will be a tougher test against Pironkova.

It’s great to see Sabine Lisicki in the quarterfinals and back playing the tennis we all know she is capable of playing. She is one of the most fantastic players to work with when at the tournaments and hopefully she will find even more success when she takes on Bartoli…it’ll be a tall challenge.

So as you probably have been hearing, the grunting during the Wimbledon women’s matches has been at the highest levels and definitely a distraction, annoyance or whatever you want to call it!! Yes, as players, we are taught to exhale, so that we hit through our shots, but we are not taught SCREAM on top of our lungs!! These girls take it to another level.

Anyway, so we were at the office today and everyone asks what it’s like to work at Wilson, so thought we would give you an inside look to a typical day at Wilson’s Global Headquarters.

Special thanks to Kari, Vicky, Cassandra, Samera, Erika, Molly, Annie and Carlos for showing us around the Wilson Tennis floor!! 😉

Until later, Tracy


Thomaz Bellucci & surfer CJ Hobgood are all for MORE CHALLENGE

Check out the latest Wilson Next Gen Breakout Session.

Whether hitting the tennis courts or getting out in the water, Thomaz & Cj are up to the challenge!!

Listen to Kei Nishikori’s pre-match playlist

What do player’s do to get psyched up for a match? Listen some of their favorite songs and chill before getting ready to own the court.

Check out Kei’s Top songs on his iPod right now and if you haven’t check it out already, watch Kei & Ike in MORE PREP.