Giants in Oz – G’Day 7- 2012 Australian Open

Sneak peek at 2012 US Open Wilson Tennis Apparel on Feliciano Lopez

So in case you haven’t figured out the title yet, it’s not about the giant tennis players, it’s about me and my obsession with the NY Giants!! lol

I woke up today and saw the good news that my tweeting had paid off and the photo that I took yesterday at the courts had made the Giants website! haha I am super proud of this photo (Clement & Tracy NY Giants) and the funny part is that Clement was so bitter about taking the pic cause he does not care for one second about American football.

I have been a huge Giants fan since I was a kid, I have not missed many games since I stopped playing on tour… my dad, sister and I would call each other after each play to give our commentaries about the play calls….. but today is one of those days that is going to make it tough to watch the GMen take on the Packers. I have an interviews for the stringing room to attend to, we have the newest member of our team Vika Azarenka 1st on today, meetings with agents on the upcoming photoshoot in March, our young players Grigor Dimitrov & Alexandr Dolgopolov, Ksenia Pervak and many more are in action today too, so obviously being the 1st day of the main draw,  we will be going RAPID… I cannot park myself in front of a tv to scream at Tom Coughlin… 🙂 so will sport the Giants t-shirt, but it’s all about the Wilson team at the Australian Open today!!! 🙂

The photo above is a quick look at Feli Lopez’s photoshoot we did…. what you may not know is that the photoshoot was done at the hotel tennis court. It was super convenient as we stay only five minutes away from the stadium so players can get back to the courts quickly…. an even better fact…. I saw Feli topless…. and bottomless….. hahaha…..Feli really is a super nice guy and we are so happy to have him as the newest Wilson Exclusive athlete.

Off to the courts…

Until later,



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