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Music, Memories & Tennis Players

Grigor Dimitrov, DJ Matt Roan & E Six

Happy Memorial Day to all our American Wilson Tennis people out there!

Thank you to all the great men and women who have served our great country & protect our freedom.

Ok, so it’s 80 degrees and Chicago is coming alive! We hit the courts today (almost passed out, but whatever!) and it started getting me a bit nostalgic of the times I spent on court, all the tournaments, off court shenanigans, the matches I played, the memories that are built around tennis. It seems to me with every great memory or moment, I can always recall a song that reminds me of that time in my life.

A trip to Italy when I was 16, playing French warm up tournaments in Santa Croce listening to Dr.Dre & Led Zep before matches (weird combo, I know)……watching one of my friends have to squat a bike rack cause the coach was unhappy she lost to Clijsters (he said she sucked, ha) and I was listening to Tom Petty laughing…

You get the idea…..now since we are deep into the French Open and leading into the summer, Wimby ahead….we wanted to share with you a great Summer Vacation Mix by our friends at Crossfader King & Dj Matt Roan.

Download it here!!! Make your own moments with this great mix.

Hope your summer is filled with great memories, aces and thunderous beats!

Until later, Tracy

No doubt, the boys had fun shooting this video as much as I did! 🙂

In case you haven’t seen this yet, Wilson Next Gen’r Grigor Dimitrov & Crossfader King get it spinnin!

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Day 2- Paris 2011

Grigor Dimitrov, Crossfader Kings & Tracy Almeda-Singian get serious! ;)

Crossfader Kings, Grigor Dimitrov and Tracy Almeda-Singian get serious! 😉

So it’s now 5am here in Paris and I have had two hours total of sleep….today will be a rough one!!

First day at the courts and it was a successful one as our Next Gen players Andrey Kuznetsov and Agustin Velotti got the W…this is Agustin’s first Grand Slam and he grinded a win out with his Wilson Blade 98 BLX racquet…he’s a rabbit on the court, super fast and hopping all over the place! 🙂

Andrey K was also swinging the Blade 98 BLX racket to victory, utilizing his solid two handed backhand to take down ALEX Kuznetsov….not very often do you see the same name play each other and they are of no relation.

Anyway, we start our Ustream’s today, so hope you can join us! www.ustream.tv/wilsontennis 4pm CEST

As you guys have seen, Grigor and Crossfaders had super fun shooting their Breakout Session, so I wanted to share a couple of fun photos from hanging out that day, behind the scenes & one cheese photo, which is my favorite thing to do!! LOL…enjoy!

Until later,


To see the Grigor Dimitrov and Crossfaders video, check out: http://www.youtube.com/user/WilsonRacquet?feature=mhee#p/u/1/yGACAA_ITLM 

Grigor Dimitrov & Crossfader Kings

Grigor Dimitrov gets his spin on

Wilson’s Next Gen players can’t wait to leave their mark on the ATP & WTA Tour.
They are the future of our sport. They bring serious energy to the courts and their passion, desire and heart will lead them to success.
Get to know the Wilson Next Gen crew as they meet up with experts from other fields and have their hand at something new while having some serious fun.

Check out Wilson Next Gen’r Grigor Dimitrov spin with Crossfader King Dj’s