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Next Gen, Bdays & Social Media blabber

Wilson Team: Robin Fenlon, Jacob Martin & Mario Vergara

Wilson Team: Robin Fenlon, Jacob Martin & Mario Vergara


Hey there!!!
Well, yesterday was the first day of qualifying at Roland Garros and it was a big day… especially cause it was Mario’s birthday! ūüôā¬† HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIO!!!

Not sure how important birthdays are to you, but in my mind, they are always important and need to be MEGA memorable. lol¬† Well, not sure we could top Mario’s celebration for his 30th last year, but we tried our best to make it a¬†fun one…..When you travel so much for work/tennis, you are hardly ever home to celebrate the special occasions¬†with your closest friends, family and all the people you love…¬† not easy….. our solution last night? Have a great meal and some laughs! ūüôā

So¬† now back to the work talk….the qualies started with the guys yesterday and we had a lot of Next Gen players in action. This is my favorite part of the tournament, watching the up and comers, grind and fight their way. There is something more raw about the¬†fight to get to the top, before they are stars. Don’t think a lot of people realize how many matches you have to win in a lifetime to even reach the Top 200….. Next Gen’rs Filip Krajinovic, David Goffin and Andrey Kuznetsov¬†won which¬†was¬†awesome¬†and today, the girls start.

Yesterday, we were able to get some¬†solid footage with our players…..wow, when I look back to 4 years ago when I started our social media, it was just¬†me shooting video & photo with my¬†little¬†Sony digital camera, ¬†just coming up with random ideas and¬†no one¬†quite understanding, getting blank looks at meetings &¬†people wondering why I have a job (ha!)….¬†And now, everyone is sooooo into it… everyone/all¬†brands¬†have a Facebook pages,¬†most¬†have¬†social media teams, tweeting is a common¬†term,¬†all marketing groups call themselves ‘digital agencies’¬†and everyone thinks they are a social media expert….. Let me say that there is¬†NO such thing!!!! The way we communicate today, may not be the way we communicate 3 days from now…..¬†

It was easier in the ‘good ol days’ when people considered social media an experiment, but now everyone weighs in….. I could go on about this for ages… but let’s just say it’ll be extremely interesting to see where social media evolves and shifts to next…..

Today will be a hectic one, we have many of¬†our Next Gen women in action: Ajla Tomlanjovic, Lauren Davis, Elina Svitolina, and many more….and we will try to get some cool stuff with our Wilson Exclusive athletes too….. let’s hope for a warmer Wednesday!!! ūüôā

Until later,


Filip Krajinovic plays with the Wilson Blade 98 tennis racket

Filip Krajinovic plays with the Wilson Blade 98 tennis racket


Wilson Tennis Tour Players List

Check out what Wilson Tennis gear your favorite pro players are using.

Forge ahead

So I think it’s going to get easier from here, hopefully!!!

We were able to get through Roger Federer autograph session with no issues and the fans were super happy. Honestly there were about 1000+ people out there just trying to catch a glimpse of Roger, but no one got rowdy, the girls just squeeled like pigs… lol… the best part of it was seeing some of the items that people bring in for Roger to sign…. the best were an American Girl doll, a $20 bill and a dude asked him to sign his jorts (jean shorts)….. that part always makes me laugh….

Yesterday we also shot a video with Victoria Azarenka and Petra Kvitova for our partnership with the WTA and it went well. They are playing doubles together here for the 1st time and it’s kinda amazing having world #1 & 3 playing together…. it’s great for the game and for us at Wilson to have to of the most dynamic personalities on tour. They did a fun video for Juice and Steam that will be on later today…. I have to say their acting skills are pretty good and we only had¬†5 minutes to shoot it!!

We managed to also get some Tennis Channel bag checks done with Simona Halep and Robert Lindstedt.

Robert and Horia Tecau will be doing a doubles clinic for fans today at 2pm at Tennis Warehouse tent…. hope you can come by and check it out….

Other than that, tonight I will lock myself in the hotel to complete editing the video we shot in Newport Beach to get at least one video out shortly…

Off to breakfast to review the Vika/Petra video we shot yesterday for WTA….

Until later,



Roger Federer meeets a young fan


Victoria Azarenka and Petra Kvitova do a little video for WTA with Wilson tennis gear

Rap it up!- G’Day 6- 2012 Australian Open

Wilson Tour Team Family Dinner. I'm the only girl, lucky me!

Ok, so making time to write a blog everyday is a bit more difficult than I thought, especially when we are trying to service the players and shoot cool as s**t video!! And how can you tell when I am getting tired? I curse a f**kin lot!!  ;P

So yesterday was crazy, the players suite has been non-stop (3 busiest days ever), we are all just running and trying to make sure every single player in the draw receives the new Wilson Tour tennis bag…. not an easy task. We are 15 players away and the main starts tomorrow so that will be our first project this morning….

Yesterday was super hectic, but fun, Wilson Softgoods Director Claire had Feli Lopez for a few hours to make sure we have ads for the next few months. The photos came out great, make sure to check our Facebook for those photos. www.facebook.com/wilsontennis Not a bad way to spend an afternoon…. ladies, let’s just say it was not painful…. Claire asked Feli, “Can you please take your pants off?” and he obliged! lol Not the way you think! He was just changing outfits for the shoot…. took some control not to take photos or drool!! hahaha

After that, we shot Milos Raonic for the Inside the Life of video that we started here. We’ve had pretty good feedback on these videos, which I am pretty proud of… I always get psyched when people get into the work, keeps me motivated even when I am exhausted. It’s super fun to see the ‘real’ person when I shoot these things……we shot Alexandr Dolgopolov the day before, so check out the video below. It was awesome to see another side of Alex and see him let loose and rap!! He is a great player, he is one of the few I really enjoy watching play and think he is going to be a consistent contender in the years to come…

So the real highlight of last night was the Wilson Tour Team dinner. It is a tradition (I’m all about tradition!) that we make the time at least once during each tournament to have a meal as an entire team. What you may not realize is that Renaud & Clement live in France, Jacob in Spain, Mario, Ron, Joel and I live in Chicago… so it’s a very limited amount of time that we actually spend physical time together, we are always communicating via email, phone and BBM, but tournies are the only time to catch up face to face and together as an entire team.¬† It’s important, for business and for fun! I like to call it the family dinner cause we do all work so closely together and we do feel like family in so many ways… you can not see each other for a long time, but you pick up where you left off… you argue like dogs, but at the end of the day, we’ve got each others back!!!! lol¬†¬† ūüôā Only one thing missing last night… Dianne! Miss you Dianne! ūüôā

You guys may or may not know two of our family members, Ron Rocchi & Joel, but you should! ūüôā They are the people behind making sure every player’s racket is ready for battle.¬† They are our R&D crew and run the stringing room at the Australian Open and an important part of the team. Ron went big time last night with the 650+ gram steak…solid!! ūüėõ

Anyway, I have to run, get ready to go to the courts and we HAVE TO get these bags to the players so they have the new stuff and you guys see the real new stuff on tv! ūüôā

Until later,


Welcome to the dark side!- G’Day 4- 2012 Australian Open

Madison Keys and Tracy Almeda-Singian join the dark side!

Hey there,

Today was an EXTREMELY busy day for us…. with the main draw just a few days away the Wilson players suite was bumpin.

I don’t think Jacob had a chance to sit down for a moment, the ‘Rookie’ Clement worked like a dog,¬† the new Tour tennis bags & new EmotiSorbs were flying all over the place and I only a couple social media things done. One thing you may not know is that when the suite is just rockin out like it was today it’s nearly impossible for me to attend to the social media needs…. THE PLAYERS COME FIRST!! Generally for whatever reason, players tend to come in huge groups, so we could be quiet and not have a player come in for an hour or so, but then 15 players will come in needing their equipment and we are only 3 people here!!! It’s tough because we want to be able to spend time with each player, get their feedback on products, see how they are doing overall, etc….. as we only see them a limited amount of times through the year, but we also want to respect their time and not hold them up. Well, today was definitely one of those days, and we were scrambling non-stop. Some of the players that stopped by today were Klara Zakapolova, Anne Keothavong, Olga Govortsova, Igor Kunistyn, Leo Mayer, Shuai Zhang and many more….

The one thing I managed to do for the day was to do the first 2012 Wilson Tennis Challenge with Madison Keys (she’s in the main draw here!)!! I don’t want to give it all away, but let’s say we took it to another level today and I’m sure you guys will have some comments about what I did! lol Check the photo above and look for video to be posted over the weekend!

That’s all for now, make sure to check our Facebook www.facebook.com/wilsontennis & www.twitter.com/wilsontennis for the latest info from Oz.

Until later,


Kei Nishikori spins Djokovic out of Basel

Kei Nishikori is continuing his strong run at the end of this ATP Calendar year.¬† Following his two singles wins in Davis Cup, Kei has reached the semi‚Äôs in Kuala Lumpur ATP (win over #11 Almagro), semi‚Äôs in Shanghai (win over #8 Tsonga) and this week in Basel, after a win over #6 Berdych, he now gets a HUGE win over world #1 Djokovic…handing Djokovic only his 4th loss of the year.

Kei is taking it to new levels….. this marks his 1st win over a world #1 and will likely be ranked within the Top 30 after this week. It’s awesome to see Kei going BIG…what’s the key to his new-found success? Could it be the racket? Could it be his upped fitness level? Could it be his coaching team? Who knows?! We are just proud Kei is doing well!!



And so Wimbledon begins

Lukas Lacko swings his WIlson Blade 98 BLX into the main draw of Wimbledon

Hey all,

Well, officially Day 1 of¬† Wimbledon has ended. And in a shocking twist, it was cut short due to rain…. ūüėČ ok, not so shocking.

With her Wilson Blade Team BLX racquet, Venus made a successful return with a straight set win and Wilson Next Gen’r Ksenia Pervak¬† used her Tour BLX racquet to pull the¬†upset over #22 seed Peer.

Tennis has actually been going on for a week with qualies action. What separates Wimbledon from the other Grand Slams is that qualies is played at another club called Roehampton, about 20 minutes away from the All England Club.

It’s not the same….yes, the court conditions at Roehampton¬†have been compared to cow pastures and are¬†not anywhere close to the level of the All England Club…. it’s far from luxurious.

Putting some tennis court lines, a net and a fence, hardly make it great conditions to play in.

With this being said, all the more credit to those players who win three straight matches to make it to the main draw of the most prestigious Grand Slam.

Here are out players that made their way through and managed to make it to the big, big, big show!!

Good luck Wilson team!!

Until later, Tracy


Andreas Beck- Six.One 95 BLX

Frank Dancevic- Wilson Exclusive РBlade 98 BLX

Lukas Lacko- Blade 98 BLX

Flavio Cipolla- Six.One 95 BLX

Maria Erakovic- Blade 98 BLX

Kristyna Pliskova- Blade Team

Igor Sijsling- Six.One 95 BLX

Lucky Losers

Stephanie Dubois- Wilson Exclusive

Stephanie Foretz- Blade 98 Pink BLX


Venus Williams swings her Wilson Blade Team BLX to victory