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Join Wilson For The Spin Effect Technology Tour


Wilson Racquet Sports today announced its nationwide “Spin Effect Tour” that will visit retailers and consumers in more than 200 venues, showcasing the brand’s game changing, Spin Effect Technology™. Taking place from February through June, the Spin Effect Tour targets avid tennis players at tennis facilities across the country and will also be featured at some of the country’s leading junior developmental programs: Brookhaven Tennis Club in Dallas, Westheimer Tennis Club in Houston, Sanlando Park Tennis Center in Orlando, and the Evert Tennis Academy in Boca Raton.

Wilson’s proprietary Spin Effect Technology™ rackets became available to consumers in January featured in the Steam 99S™ and Steam 105S™, both dramatically increasing spin for consumers of all levels. It is the first racket system that enables players to add more than 200 RPM to their shots without needing to change their swing.

Wilson’s marketing and sales team will be leading the event to explain the benefits around the proprietary Spin Effect, the Steam S rackets, and they will also take players through the TrackMan experience which tracks ball rotation, height and arc of shots and was used in the development of Steam S rackets.

Players who participate in the Spin Effect Tour will also have an opportunity to win an autographed Roger Federer racket and Victoria Azarenka racket. The tour welcomes players of all ages.




My baby is all grown up!

Only fitting that Lauren's first photo on the blog as Wilson Digital Specialist is her Facebook profile photo!

Only fitting that Lauren’s first photo on the blog as Wilson Digital Specialist is her Facebook profile photo!

Hey there,

For the past four years, I gave birth, fed and raised Wilson Tennis’ social media to what it is today. This is the closest thing I will get to having a child for a while and now my baby is all grown up!! haha 🙂 It’s time for my baby to become more independent and have someone new in their life… someone else to be at the helm and elevate our social media to an even higher level.

Please welcome our new Wilson Digital Media Specialist, Lauren Adermann!!!!

A little background on Lauren: Lauren was born and raised in Illinois, played high school tennis before studying Public Relations & Communications at Illinois State University and most recently, worked for the famous Chicago Concert Hall, Metro before coming to Wilson.

I am extremely excited to have Lauren on the team to bring a fresh vibe to our team! Thought it would be a good idea to get to know her a bit more as she will be your day to day Wilson connection, so check out our quick Q and A with Lauren.

And remember, like every good parent, I will still be here in the wings, will chime in occasionally, watching over and here whenever needed!! Thank you to all of you, our Wilson peeps for helping me have a blast! 🙂

Please continue to be awesome to Lauren as you were to me and as always…….

Until later,


PS Nostalgia, one of the first videos I did included below 😛

Age? 29
Where did you grow up? Vandalia, IL
Where did you go to college? Illinois State University
What motivated you to take the job at Wilson? I’ve had my eye on Wilson since I was a kid. I love the brand and when I moved to Chicago and found out that Wilson was based here I made it a goal to somehow work for the company one day.
How old were you when you started to play tennis? 8
What was your most memorable tennis experience from your childhood? It’s debatable whether or not you consider this “childhood” but 17 year olds are still kids, so just go with it – My most memorable experience was the moment at sectionals where I made state. I immediately burst into tears of happiness. I also look back at all of the times my mom drive me to tennis lessons as a kid. It was a really special thing for me to have those moments with her. I could go on and on. Being involved in Tennis was no doubt one of the best things about my life growing up.
What is your best shot? My serve.
And your worst? Volleys for sure.
Who is your favorite tennis player? Growing up my fav was Sampras. Now I’m into Serena and Federer (and no, not just because they use Wilson tennis rackets!)
Twitter, Facebook or YouTube? Instagram!  
Favorite player to follow on social media? And why? @milosraonic  – He seems like a funny guy and always has interesting posts. He does a great job with his Twitter.
What makes you laugh? Tosh.0, cats being weird, toilet humor
What is your favorite part of working at Wilson so far? The people. I can’t tell you how pleasantly surprised I am at how wonderful my coworkers are. Not only are they helpful and nice, but they’re a lot of fun to be around!

One word to describe yourself. Since sound effects are hard to communicate via type, I’ll go with Quirky. 

Oh to be young again

Mackenzie McDonald visits the Wilson tennis players suite

Mackenzie McDonald visits the Wilson tennis players suite

Well, it’s Sunday and I am in pain. While the Tour Team is still busting it in Paris, I am back in Chicago trying to recover from my 5k run yesterday. For not training and being about 10+ lbs. overweight, it didn’t go too badly…. I finished in 26:11 and had a great time in the city with ‘Chicago family’ Cy, Kenny, Cory, Laura & Holli after the run… thank you again for everyone’s great support! 🙂

This is one of the 1st times I have missed the juniors in Paris since coming to Wilson and I have to admit, I miss it. I really like working with the kids and seeing their progress from 12’s to 14’s to playing junior slams, then to the pros. There is something very special about seeing the development of a player and seeing what it takes to move onto the the pro level.

I am hanging on my couch watching one of our young players David Goffin take on his childhood hero Roger Federer now… it was only a couple of years ago when David was playing juniors…..and now he made his way through qualies, all the way into the 4th round of the main draw!!! He has improved leaps and bounds and it’s so great to see him come into his own. Last year, we were talking about Milos Raonic in the same way… you never know when the breakthrough will happen and for me that is the most fun part to see.

I can’t wait to see how our young players will get through the tournament… keep an eye out for Kyle Edmund, Francoise Abanda, Filip Peliwo, Mackie McDonald, Genie Bouchard and many more….

Go Wilson team!!

Until later,


PS Thanks to Mario for the pics of some of our kids visiting the suite!

Filip Peliwo getting a new Wilson tennis bag at the Paris suite

Filip Peliwo getting a new Wilson tennis bag at the Paris suite

Dash for Detection Run complete!!

Dash for Detection Run complete!!

Eye Candy/Talent & Cougars

So it’s not an easy job but somebody’s gotta do it!!!. Yesterday was a fun day for me at the suite, there was a lot of…… well, how do we say it?!……TALENT… that came around….lol…….. I am not opposed to many good looking guys coming by the suite, being super nice and friendly…. so I just admire the view….Lukas Rosol, Joao Sousa, Horia Tecau, Robert Lindstedt, Feliciano Lopez & Eduardo Schwank all stopped by yesterday….. eye candy to the max…… it may have been the best looking day thus far 😉 All great guys, but think I am old enough to be their cougar!!! lol

Actually, one of the most frequent questions I get asked is: Which player would you date?

Well for the Wilson tour team, we have a policy that you do not date players or industry people….. This is important because tennis is sooooo small and as much as we (I) joke about the looks/talent, we really keep everything separated and professional. Not sure other brands are as serious as we are on this, but because tennis is so small, we all travel so much and are around the same people week after week, this is not an option…. what’s that saying? Don’t dip your pen in the company ink?!

Tennis is a company/small industry and definitely have to keep it kosher…..but think about the tennis players growing up on the road… it’s really not easy… Serious jr tennis players and pros leave their families and friends and are gone for 25+ weeks a year….Tennis is super international which makes it fun to experience all the different cultures, etc., but it can also reek havoc on your personal life……being gone more than 50% of the year, doesn’t really make a great base for a stable relationship….. in a new country every week, just trying to keep in contact with your loved ones via text, Skype, etc……you can never really replace one on one face time….. and if you told me 10 yrs ago when I retired from playing that I would be back on the road,with the same tennis traveling circus, I would’ve laughed in your face…  guess just like anything, it has its positives and it’s negatives! 😛

So since we are on the dating theme for this entry, check out this fun video we shot with Alexandr Dolgopolov proposing to his…. well, you’ll see!!! 🙂

Will write more on this vid and our vid of our players who fought through the qualifying to make the main draw later, but gotta go get ready….today is the first day of main draw so it will be a long day at the courts….. 3 hrs of sleep total, but I am raring to go!!


Until later,


Joao Sousa, Jacob Martin & Lukas Rosol at the Wilson suite in Paris

Joao Sousa, Jacob Martin & Lukas Rosol at the Wilson suite in Paris

Wilson’s Next Gen move on at Sony Ericsson Open

Wilson’s Next Gen are tennis superstars in the making.

See which players are starting to come into their own.



Playing with her Wilson Six.One 95, 17 year old Madison Keys made her way through qualifying and defeated Rybarikova 6-7 6-2 6-1 to reach the 2nd round of Sony Ericsson Open. Madison will now take on 5th seed Radwanska.


Madison Keys plays with Wilson Six.One 95

Madison Keys plays with Wilson Six.One 95



Armed with his Wilson Pro Staff 95, 20 year old Grigor Dimitrov defeats Kukushkin 6-2 6-2 to reach the 2nd round and will now take on 29th seed Chela.


Grigor Dimitrov plays with Wilson Pro Staff 95

Grigor Dimitrov plays with Wilson Pro Staff 95


21 year old Simona Halep swings her Wilson Pro Staff 100 to victory over Carla Suarez Navarro and will take on Petrova for a spot in the 3rd round of Sony Ericsson Open.


Simona Halep plays with Wilson Pro Staff 100

Simona Halep plays with Wilson Pro Staff 100


20 year old Ksenia Pervak used her Wilson Tour to defeat Anastasiya Yakimova 6-4 6-0. Ksenia will now play 11th seed Schiavone.

Ksenia Pervak plays with Wilson Tour

Ksenia Pervak plays with Wilson Tour



Grigor Dimitrov & Alexandr Dolgopolov love to have fun. Click here to watch this fun video

The Juice is the path to Success!!! Right, Vika Azarenka?!

So I am supposed to be taking the weekend off, but completely psyched that we were able to complete this video!! It’s like giving birth… I think!! haha

Will write more later about the kids, the whole video and everything, but just hope you guys enjoy the informercial style goodness and hope it brings a smile to your face.

Have a great weekend!

Until later,


G-L-A-M-O- NO!!!!!

Robert Lindstedt and Horia Tecau hitting with fans... yes, that is me in the background, feeding balls in little Gucci heelsImage

Good morning….. so here we go, I have been on the road for a week and I can feel myself getting sick…. this is par for the course, when we get most of the heavy lifting done, the body starts to shut down…..

So everyone thinks that this job is uber glamourus and I can assure you that no job is always shiny and bedazzled out!! lol The not so fun part of social media is that it’s 24 hours a day and never ends. There is always questions or responses needed..- not so glam…. with my tour responsiblities, getting rackets signed in a parking lot- not so glam…. we are always still arranging the appearances at 8 or 9pm at night… not so glam…. The schedule always comes out late and then we have to make all the phone calls with the tournament to agent to player to retailer…. So there is never really a dinner that I don’t leave the table to make phone calls…..not so glam…. I am just super lucky to have friends that are super understanding. 

After saying that, the best part of my job is getting to see the results of the time we put in…. Seeing kids trying their darndest to impress Horia and Robert as they hit- AWESOME, hearing the screeching of Roger’s fans- SCARY BUT GOOD, having players enjoy & truly have fun doing the crazy skits and ideas I have MAKES ME SMILE…. and even cooler was meeting a twitter follower yesterday! YEAH!! Occassionally, I get to meet the great people that follow us religiously and make our brand what it is…. some serious tennis players that really love the game!!

Yesterday, I met Cris T, who puts out some great tweets regularly… she was super nice and sweet and it’s awesome to meet people who love Wilson. Chris and the people I meet on the road that are Wilson loyal and part of the Wilson family, THAT’S what makes the insomnia worth it! lol

Anyway, so today is probably the last day I have to really have to push through the chaos…. breakfast meeting on some social media stuff with a 3rd party dude, going to get Wilson National Sales Manager Jeffery Adams to do some voiceover for the Juice vid, Feli Lopez will do a bag check, Dolgo will do an autograph session and a video with Grigor Dimitrov, then have to finally try to sit down and get the Juice video we shot last week edited… it really is so cool, I want to get it out now!! lol

Well, I am going to… oh another great part of social media… I am typing this from bed!!! haha

Time to get up and do work!! 🙂

Until later,


1st photo: Robert Lindstedt and Horia Tecau hitting with fans… yes, that is me in the background, feeding balls in little Gucci heels

2nd photo: Cutie Wilson jr players getting ready to hit with Horia and Robert

video: shot this a couple days ago with WTA… I wrote the script.. aka the QUESO… not sure if everyone gets the humor and that they are supposed to over act but hope people like it… Vika and Petra are really awesome people