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It takes an army- G’Day 2- Australian Open 2012

Jacob Martin and Clement Moral discuss tennis string

Well, today we set up the suite!

When we got here we had over 50+ boxes calling our name. Between the rackets, bags, string, grips and everything, we really are tennis’ traveling circus!! haha

We are fortunate enough to have some great people like Dianne B and our team in Chicago that get all our stuff here and make sure we are geared up for the players. It takes an army for this Tour Team to be successful!!!

Everything went pretty smoothly today, no big hiccups and we definitely got an upgrade on the suite this year…..think the players will be happy.

I know Jacob, Clement and I are enjoying it thus far…. we have a Nespresso machine to keep us well caffiened up to stay awake and fight our jetlag!!! 😉

We managed to catch up with Milos Raonic a little bit as he is staying at the same hotel as us. He is coming off a great win in Chennai…he told that before the final, he had not packed his bags, so after collecting the trophy, he rushed back to the hotel, packed his bags and hit the midnight flight to Melbourne to make it to play the popular Kooyong exo, which starts tomorrow. It’s amazing how much changes in a year…. he was qualifying here last year and now he is a legit title contender!! It’s awesome to see our Next Gen fulfill their potential.

Tomorrow qualies starts, we will be scouting & watching some of our 2012 Next Gen’rs…… so we will be on site, trying to bring you guys some fun photos from the tourny.

Until later, check out a little video of the suite here: http://www.twitvid.com/MTOS5


PS the photo is of Jacob and Clement, geekin out and talking tennis string… looks like they are doing a string challenge… could be something new for 2012, right?! 😛


Wilson GM Jon Muir receives Tennis News 2009 Person of the Year Award in Indian Wells

Roger Federer congratulates Jon Muir

On March 14, Jon Muir received the 2009 Tennis News Person of the Year Award from Tennis News Publisher Bob Larson and Steve Bellamy on Center Court of the Indian Wells Tennis Garden during the BNP Paribas Open. Prior to the ceremony, Muir also received a congrats from Wilson’s top player Roger Federer.

Jon Muir, the 2009-10 president of the Tennis Industry Association, and worldwide general manager of Wilson Racquet Division was named the Tennis News 2009 Person of the Year.

Through his leadership the TIA is evolving as an industry organization to establish industry economic objectives, an increased focus on creating frequent players/consumers for the sport, and establishing clearer communications and tools that can be utilized throughout the industry.

In 2009, the TIA held two “summit” meetings with representatives from all the major organizations in the industry to discuss concerns and develop further their focus in the following areas:

* Economic Health: TIA is embarking to measure the total size of the tennis industry to include all stakeholders and gather other key economic barometers so they can focus more on big picture goals to increase the total revenue size and economic impact of the industry, including understanding total employment that is driven by the tennis industry.

* Communication & Awareness: The TIA is building & consolidating its information into one single website (www.tennisindustry.org) that will allow all stakeholders to access basic research information, key facts & updates, and general messaging information for the sport and industry that everyone can utilize to further drive interest in tennis and allow everyone to leverage shared information to drive potential non-endemic revenues into our industry.

* Frequent Players: While participation now exceeds 30 million total players and tennis is the fastest growing traditional sport in America, the TIA must focus additional efforts to translate this into more frequent consumers for our sport and industry. There are currently 5.4 million frequent players, but as Muir has stated if we can just achieve a 5% increase each year, we will exceed 9 million frequent players by 2020 and this would have a substantially positive economic impact on our industry and sport – over the next 10 years – and all stakeholders from retailers to tennis professionals, membership to events, media to manufacturers will have a dramatically larger economic pie to share in – that benefits all.

Muir has committed that the industry will begin to see the TIA evolve in 2010 to support these focus areas while still maintaining its strong research and overall participation efforts with the USTA.

One other tool of interest that the TIA has been working on is its “PlayTennis” widget concept that may provide a powerful type of tennis search engine pathway tool to everyone in the industry that helps players find local facilities, certified tennis professionals, quickstart programs, and other potential simple search filters that will support new and re-joining players finding the appropriate pathway to becoming a frequent player in the sport. In addition to this, the TIA launched its “Racket Up, America” promotion in 2009 as a first step to rally the industry focus on getting people playing tennis given the challenging economic environment and this was meant to drive consumers to buy a new racket with tennis retailers. The TIA has said it will continue to explore ways to expand the Racket Up, America promotion in 2010 for broader awareness and impact.

Muir started his career in tennis as a teaching professional in Southern California and was soon offered a sales rep position by Dave Haggerty and Steve Zalinski at Dunlop. Two years later, in 1997, he was hired by Bob Shafer at Wilson as a territory sales manager in the Southern California area. He has served in various positions at Wilson in sales, promotions, and marketing before taking his current responsibility as worldwide General Manager in 2006. Now he travels frequently, about 150 days a year with most of this internationally to support Wilson’s business and growth outside the US market.

Muir is still a current, certified tennis professional with both the USPTA and the PTR organizations as well as serving on the Executive Committee of the USTA national board as a Presidential Appointee of Lucy Garvin.

To follow Wilson General Manager Jon Muir around the globe and get the inside scoop on the tennis industry go to Jon Muir’s Twitter click here


Steve Bellamy, Jon Muir & Bob Larson on Center Court at the BNP Paribas Open at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden

Rising Star Laura Robson pulls Double Duty

Laura Robson and her Wilson Blade 98 racket

Rising Star Laura Robson pulls Double Duty

Wilson Rising Star Laura Robson is through to the quarterfinals of the Australian Open Women’s Doubles draw with partner Peers.

It’s been a busy tournament thus far for the 16 year old Robson.

Eight days ago, she reached the second round of qualifying of the Women’s Singles before falling to Krajicek.

Robson will now pull double duty as she will compete in the Australian Open Girls Singles and look to continue her run in the Women’s Doubles draw.

Using her Wilson Blade 98 racket, Laura Robson and Peers defeated #12 seed Chuang/Peschke en route to the quarterfinals and will now take on the winner of 3rd seeds Martinez Sanchez /Llagostera Vives or 14th seeds Kirilenko/Radwanska.

“This is a great start to the year for Laura,” says Renaud Vallon, Wilson Tour Manager Europe. “She is beginning to tap into her potential and we look forward to watching her continue to make her way atop the WTA Tour ranks.”

Wilson On the Rise-Year in Review

Wilson On the Rise players are tennis’ rising stars under the age of 21.

Our Rising Stars had an outstanding year and we are proud of all their accomplishments.

Here is the 2009 Year in Review for our Wilson On the Rise team. Click Here