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It’s about that time!!!! Wimby, here we go!!

Jimmy Wang swinging the Wilson Blade on the courts at Roehampton and into the main draw

Jimmy Wang swinging the Wilson Blade on the courts at Roehampton and into the main draw

Hey all!!

Did you miss me?! Ok, probably not, but it was worth asking right?! 😉

So the last couple of weeks while the players made the quick transition from clay to grass, I have been home in Chicago, transitioning from sprinting around the grounds to sitting at my cubicle!! haha

One of the toughest transitions in tennis is this time of year from clay to grass and this year is particularly tough/weird in schedule as the players will be coming back to the All England Club a month later for Olympics. Clay to grass to hard or clay and then back to grass?! WTF?!

The court changes and the scheduling is really not easy for the players this year, but it just shows what representing your country means to any athlete.

Everyone respects and honors the history of Wimbledon and now with Olympics being at AEL, well I think everyone wants to make sure their game is as solid as can be on the grass…. who ever thought that Wimbledon COULD be considered a ‘warm up’ event for another tournament?!

So here we go, it’s Wimby time… and first, let’s say congrats to our Wilson players who won 3 matches in qualifying to get to the main draw!!! Tip your hat to these players, who played in the goat pasture/tennis courts of Roehampton to get to the big show of the All England Club. (The only Slam not to have qualies at the actual courts)

Kristina Mladenovic- Wilson Steam
Maria Camerin – Wilson Blade 98 Pink

Jimmy Wang- Wilson Blade 98
Guillaume Rufin- Wilson Blade 98
Andrey Kuznetsov- Wilson Blade 98
Adrian Menendez- Macerias: Wilson Exclusive: Wilson Juice
Kenny De Schepper- Wilson Blade 98

I will not be heading to England, I will be staying here in Chicago to work on 2013 and enjoy the Chicago summer!!! Tour boys head over the pond, so stay tuned  for some more fun stuff 🙂

Until later,


Wilson HQ in Chicago

Wilson HQ in Chicago




Hey all,

As I’m sure you are well aware of, there is a storm in NY that has shut down the whole city… no cars on the road, no restaurants are open, no tennis balls being hit. Everyone was in panic mode, there are no batteries, flashlights or anything at the convenience stores….. and really, it’s a bad rain storm…. I mean a category 1 hurricane?! We have like 5 of those per year in FL and we surf in that weather!! They are acting like it’s Armageddon here…. so what did we at Wilson do?? We had the suite open and had Juan Martin Del Potro, Kei Nishikori, Jarkko Nieminen and many more stop by to pick up their pro overgrip, bags and BLX rackets to be ready for tomorrow!!! No bloody storm is going to stop us!! 😉

While NY is in a panic, it’s business as usual for us, and business for me, means MORE CHALLENGES!! lol

Check out this Wilson Tennis Shorts Challenge with Frank Dancevic, who made his way through qualifying.

And congrats to these players who also qualified:


Frank Dancevic- head to toe- Blade 98 BLX
Michael Yani-Head to toe- Blade 98 BLX
Vasek Popisil- Six.One BLX
Jesse Huta Galung- Six.One BLX
Marsel Ilhan- Blade 98 BLX
Joao Souza- Six.One BLX
Galina Voskoboeva- Pro Open BLX
Marina Erakovic- Blade 98 Pink BLX
Laura Robson- Blade 98 Pink BLX
Yung Jan Chan- Tour BLX
Stephanie Foretz- Blade 98 Pink BLX

Until next time,


Wimbledon- “Manic Monday & MORE GRUNTS?!”

Mardy Fish gets low with his Wilson Six.One 95 BLX tennis racquet

Well, today was certainly full of surprises!

It’s great to see Mardy Fish reach his first Wimbledon quarterfinal and carry the US pride strong as the only American left in the draw.

Feliciano Lopez used his Wilson Pro Open BLX racquet to follow up his win against Roddick by coming back from behind and win in 5 sets against Kubot. I said this in my Tweet, but what a ‘talented & tasty’ match!! Girls, I hope you were watching this one! 😉

On the women’s side, unfortunately, Venus & Serena went down today….have to say it was quite a great effort to reach the 4th round after not competing for 6 months & a year for Serena…shows their strength as competitors….for sure, we will see them back winning tournaments shortly.

Petra Kvitova has made her way through the draw very quietly, but tomorrow will be a tougher test against Pironkova.

It’s great to see Sabine Lisicki in the quarterfinals and back playing the tennis we all know she is capable of playing. She is one of the most fantastic players to work with when at the tournaments and hopefully she will find even more success when she takes on Bartoli…it’ll be a tall challenge.

So as you probably have been hearing, the grunting during the Wimbledon women’s matches has been at the highest levels and definitely a distraction, annoyance or whatever you want to call it!! Yes, as players, we are taught to exhale, so that we hit through our shots, but we are not taught SCREAM on top of our lungs!! These girls take it to another level.

Anyway, so we were at the office today and everyone asks what it’s like to work at Wilson, so thought we would give you an inside look to a typical day at Wilson’s Global Headquarters.

Special thanks to Kari, Vicky, Cassandra, Samera, Erika, Molly, Annie and Carlos for showing us around the Wilson Tennis floor!! 😉

Until later, Tracy


Thomaz Bellucci & surfer CJ Hobgood are all for MORE CHALLENGE

Check out the latest Wilson Next Gen Breakout Session.

Whether hitting the tennis courts or getting out in the water, Thomaz & Cj are up to the challenge!!

Music, Memories & Tennis Players

Grigor Dimitrov, DJ Matt Roan & E Six

Happy Memorial Day to all our American Wilson Tennis people out there!

Thank you to all the great men and women who have served our great country & protect our freedom.

Ok, so it’s 80 degrees and Chicago is coming alive! We hit the courts today (almost passed out, but whatever!) and it started getting me a bit nostalgic of the times I spent on court, all the tournaments, off court shenanigans, the matches I played, the memories that are built around tennis. It seems to me with every great memory or moment, I can always recall a song that reminds me of that time in my life.

A trip to Italy when I was 16, playing French warm up tournaments in Santa Croce listening to Dr.Dre & Led Zep before matches (weird combo, I know)……watching one of my friends have to squat a bike rack cause the coach was unhappy she lost to Clijsters (he said she sucked, ha) and I was listening to Tom Petty laughing…

You get the idea…..now since we are deep into the French Open and leading into the summer, Wimby ahead….we wanted to share with you a great Summer Vacation Mix by our friends at Crossfader King & Dj Matt Roan.

Download it here!!! Make your own moments with this great mix.

Hope your summer is filled with great memories, aces and thunderous beats!

Until later, Tracy

No doubt, the boys had fun shooting this video as much as I did! 🙂

In case you haven’t seen this yet, Wilson Next Gen’r Grigor Dimitrov & Crossfader King get it spinnin!

BE NEXT- Win $500 of Wilson Tennis gear!!


Kei Nishikori “splits” with New York Mets 1st baseman Ike Davis

Rising tennis star Kei Nishikori splits his time between the tennis court and baseball field when he meets up with New York Mets first baseman Ike Davis to talk about the importance of prep.

Wilson is Official Tennis Ball of the BNP Paribas Showdown & Tennis Night in America


It's Tennis Night in America


[Tonight, Monday, February 28th, is the much anticipated 2011 BNP Paribas Showdown, marketed as “Tennis Night in America”, live from Madison Square Garden. The one-night event will feature two of the greatest rivalries in tennis when John McEnroe faces off against Ivan Lendl to be followed with Pete Sampras taking on Andre Agassi.

The four all-time greats have won a combined 37 Grand Slam Singles titles and 295 ATP Tour events. The match will air to 45 million homes in 130 countries. Starting at 6:00 p.m. Central ESPN3.com will stream live the classic rivalry between McEnroe and Lendl. At 8:00 p.m. Central, ESPN2 will televise the match between Sampras and Agassi.

Sampras will be playing with a blacked out racket (no cosmetics) for the event this evening.  More details to follow later in the year, but Pete plans to maintain an active playing schedule (exhibitions and senior events) throughout 2011 and beyond. He is committed to working with Wilson on something new that we expect to share with everyone later in the year.

Wilson is the Official Ball and partner of the event and provided numerous promotional materials as well. Keep an eye out for Wilson Couch commercials, Tour Vision shoes for ball persons and linesmen, and on-court ball coolers.

Wilson is also supporting the pre-event launching USTA’s 10 and Under Tennis initiative.

In 2011, the USTA will spearhead the change in the look and feel of tennis, with lines for the 60-foot tennis court employed by the QuickStart Tennis play format being added to a traditional 78-foot court. Known as blended lines, the result enables more children to get in the game by learning how to play on an appropriately sized court.

10 and Under Tennis is real tennis scaled to size and lower-bouncing balls, lighter and smaller racquets, and shorter courts that make the game fun, easy to learn and easy to play, ensuring that kids will return to tennis again and again. Tonight, at 8 p.m. Central on ESPN2, viewers will witness a live tennis match in the U.S. played on a court with blended lines for the very first time. 

In an exciting first, the USTA and First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” campaign have teamed up to create a Public Service Announcement that encourages children to get active and enjoy tennis. The PSA will air for the first time tonight on ESPN2. The PSA will go into broader rotation this summer during the Olympus US Open Series and the US Open. Please click on the link http://www.usta.com/videos/usta-teams-with-first-lady-michelle-obama/ to view the PSA. 

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