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Hey there,

Been a long time since we wrote an entry….I’m back for a little while on the social media gig…. so will just give you a quick update.

It’s May and clay court season is in full swing. It’s been successful so far for the Wilson team!!! Our head to toe player, Jarkko Nieminen won the dubs title and Philipp Kohlschreiber reached the singles semis in Munich…and now our Next Gen’rs have had some of the best wins in their careers to date…. Grigor Dimitrov beat Djokovic today, Laura Robson took down Radwanska and Madison Keys defeated former Roland Garros champ Li… Madrid is treating Wilson players well so far!! πŸ™‚ I love seeing our Next Gen’rs do well… it’s always fun to see!!

As you may know, we were shooting some new stuff in Indian Wells and Miami in March, so the crew and I have been working on getting these videos/tv spots ready for this summer. At the same time, we are working on 2014 and getting all the other things we need ready for next year. Prepping this stuff has been my main focus and therefore I am not on the road as much through this summer.

Jacob and Robin will be heading to Rome this week to shoot a few things with a few players….. It’s really one of the most beautiful places and definitely a must do on the tennis calendar if you ever get the chance!! I will miss it for sure! Jacob and Robin better hit my favorite restaurant while they are there!

So the stuff we are working on now? Well, we are getting there little by little and can’t wait to show you the end results!!! For now, here is a little behind the scenes of our shoots….we are extremely fortunate to have some of the most fun players on tour, so even through rain storms, we had a blast!!!

Hope you enjoy!

Until later,



Here we go!

Hey there,

Very tired, so I will let the fun video do it’s thing as tomorrow is a BIG DAY…..

Congrats to Petra Kvitova on a great US Open Series winning Montreal and New Haven… onto US Open!

Here is William Thach enjoying his court date with Petra Kvitova.

Until Later,




William Thach and Petra Kvitova

William Thach and Petra Kvitova

Hey there,

So yes, I know how to spell offense, but it’s a terribly horrible pun that I will explain! πŸ™‚

Today Facebook contest winner William Thach met Petra Kvitova. William is a biochemical engineer that is a tennis fanatic. I was truly impressed with his knowledge of tennis, social media and most importantly, food!! πŸ™‚ So we documented the whole day (stay tuned for the video that will be out Monday August 27th) but let’s talk about what you won’t see on camera!

So after a great intimate lunch with Petra, William was nice enough to try and assist me with returning the table we used for the “romantic setting” … and who stops by to say hello from a long hiatus? None other than fellow Guinness World Record Holder Andrea Petkovic!!! πŸ™‚ It’s great to have Andrea back on tour, we’ve missed her so much and I’m so happy to have her smiling face back at the courts!! Anyway sidetracked… so William is helping me with the table and trips and takes down a fence!!! In front of Andrea!! Andrea says, “I don’t know these people!” HAHAHA Sorry, William…. no ofFENCE!! πŸ˜‰

So after that smoothness, we needed to grab some food and in my randomness, we went to try out some local food carts!!! As you foodies know, this is a huge trend in LA and is kind of growing all over…. especially, New Haven!!! LOL They had a whole road of carts and William’s Mom and I went for the Vietnamese, Robin went for Falafel and William went for Chinese…… I loved that William and his Mom were up for anything and joined us on a random food experience! We then went on an excursion for gelato and landed in New Haven’s Little Italy… which had NO GELATO?! REALLY?! Is that allowed?!

Anyway, all in all it was a good day, William was awesome and his best quality? Making fun of Robin! Asians stick together!!! haha

Tomorrow we have work to do: cover our Next Gen’rs and Exclusive athletes in Open qualies action!

Until later,


Lunch dates are always filmed, right?!

Lunch dates are always filmed, right?!

Tracy Almeda-Singian, William Thach and Robin Fenlon

Tracy Almeda-Singian, William Thach and Robin Fenlon

Summer of George?! How about Summer of Singian?!

Cy Dofitas, Mike Steck, Erika Offerdahl, Tracy Almeda-Singian & Mario Vergara

Cy Dofitas, Mike Steck, Erika Offerdahl, Tracy Almeda-Singian & Mario Vergara after a successful US Sales Meeting with the Wilson crew

Hey there,

Well, I am going to make this a quick one as I have been up for about 19 hrs straight…..

Last week went really well and I am really proud to say that the 2013 videos were super well received and now all I have to do is negotiate music rights..kind of fun to do that since I never really am part of negotiations! Gonna utilize my lawyer skills! ha

All the other parts went rather well too, our whole team pulled it together and made things look amazing!! Not kidding when I say this, We have THE BEST TEAM!! Hands down….Seriously, it always keeps me motivated to see the crew so amped to succeed… nothing is better to help keep pushing you forward then to see others push the envelope when you are exhausted!!Β  Anyway, now we only have to make minor adjustments to certain parts of items to meet the language issues for each country… my fault, I did not think of that!! WOW, should’ve known right?! πŸ˜‰ Rookie mistake with the new position.

Now that we are through sales meeting, my summer in Chicago is officially over… it’s been a blast to spend weekends with my friends, enjoy the great weather, restaurants and everything Chicago has to offer!!! I finally caught the Chicago Air Show for the 1st time!!Β  And got a killer view of the Blue Angels flying by my balcony!! AMAZING!!

US Open qualies starts tomorrow, but I’m in New Haven for tonight as we will meet up with Petra Kvitova tomorrow so she can meet her Facebook Win a Date winner William!!

I feel uber bad that I didn’t have time to catch up with the winner tonight as I have done for past winners, but seems like I am struggling to balance everything…. One thing is for sure, there was definitely work that needed to be done, so was glad to get it done….Just wrote 3 scripts for upcoming 2013 diddy with the one and only Federer… let’s hope the bosses like it!!Β  πŸ™‚

Until later,


PS Do you like the Seinfeld reference with Summer of George?! πŸ™‚

Summer of George?! How about Summer of Singian?!

Summer of George?! How about Summer of Singian?! ;P

Wilson Team Goes for Gold!!!

Wilson is proud to have so many great athletes participate in this years games in London! COME ON!!


Wilson players competing in London.



Dream date

Hey there,

It’s been a while! πŸ™‚Β We have been super busy here in Chicago, celebrating the great wins at Wimbledon for the Wilson team (6 titles!), preparing for US Open and 2013! It’s been uber hectic around the office but good things are happening and I have loved being here to enjoy the Chicago summer. There is definitely fun to be hadΒ in this city…(more on that at a later date!)

So onto the important stuff…. everyone has their dream date or their “free pass list” right?! Mine wouldΒ beΒ something like having dinner with Ryan Reynolds at Piccolo Sogno, sharing a spaghetti neri Lady and the Tramp sytleΒ (he better give me the extra meatball or shrimp!) or surfing at home in Indialantic with Kelly Slater followed by a beach bonfire!! LOL

Well that’s my dream but for others, it is to meet some of the world best tennis players to have a hit and some fun conversation over lunch….. Hence, our Win a Date contest! So FINALLY, after our required legal checklist, we can announce the winners…

Drum roll please……………………..

So the winners to have a date withΒ Feliciano Lopez and Petra Kvitova are………………Β 

William Thach & Jennifer Ray!!!

Our sincerest congrats and look forward to meeting both of you!

So now in the next few days we will try to coordinate these wonderful peoples schedules to meet up with our players schedules… not easy! But we’ll get ‘er done!

Wilson Tennis, making dream datesΒ come true!!! πŸ˜‰

Until later,


PS You may want to check back on Monday, will have some cool stuff we will be putting on our website and social media pages. πŸ™‚

Jennifer Ray will have a blast with Feliciano Lopez!!

William Thach is ready for his day in the sun with Petra Kvitova!!

No rest for the wicked

Team Crossfader King for Greg Olsen & CH Robinson Kicks for a Cure

So today is Sunday and while the players have a day off from matches at Wimbledon, I am recovering from playing a Greg Olsen Kicks for a Cure charity kickball tournament in support of cancer research and more importantly, we have been grinding on the Olympics and 2013!!!

This morning was filled with trying to complete a little piece for the Olympics and going through photos, videos and adjustments with Robin…. have to say it’s a lot more difficult for us to get things done when I am not at the tournament and don’t have the option of talking it through face to face, pointing at what we are looking at, going thru music together and just being able to make sure we are on the same page…guess distance is something I need to get used to….

Write now I am writing a blog because I am totally stalling on writing the real deal… I really need to get this ready for the Roger Federer shoot in a couple of weeks. Ever have writers block or just not feeling like doing something?! Totally guilty of that right now. Sometimes you get uber confident in where you are and what you have ready, only to find out that you really still have tons of work ahead of you….

Think right now my dad would say, STOP DILLY DALLYING!!

So I am going to move on and attempt to get it done before tomorrow morning.

In the meantime, check out some great photos of the first week at Wimbledon.

Until later,


Petra Kvitova with her Wilson Steam tennis racket at Wimbledon

Roger Federer ready to take on the second week with his Wilson Pro Staff 90 tennis racket

Wilson Exclusive Philipp Kohlschreiber is into the 2nd week of Wimbledon

Vika Azarenka serves it up with the Wilson Juice tennis racket