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Thank you!

Wilson family photo

Wilson family photo!
Mike Steck, Jon Muir, Grigor Dimitrov, Tracy Almeda-Singian, Ron Rocchi, Joel Disbro, Dianne Bieschke & Cory Springer

Hey there,

Well, it has been a great few days…. when work consists of getting to play at the Innovaton Center, going to Piccolo Sogno, sitting on the floor at the Bulls game, playing pool at Rockit, getting a private tour of the Art Institute, eating at Sunda and having a blast with one of our players… YEAH I consider myself pretty lucky.

When I started at Wilson, I did not know a single person here in Chicago and I have been fortunate enough to meet some really cool people in the city who have made my experience here an extremely positive one.

So I would like to take this opportunity to thank these people for not only helping us this week with Grigor Dimitrov’s Chicago adventures, but for also always taking care of me and helping put a smile on my face. Tony Priolo, Ciro Longobardo, Billy Dec, Holli Williams, Carson Kern, Chris Robbins, Chris Dilillo and Erica Hilbert…. THANK YOU.

And to our new friends who we have met through the people mentioned above and helped create some special experiences for Grigor, Vince Pusateri and Chai Lee, Thank you.

As I said in my previous post Grigor Dimitrov is an extremely talented tennis player and on top of that he is a super nice kid….here is what we learned about Grigor this week: he is pretty good with a putter, is a killer pool player (didn’t miss a shot), loves art that has skulls & angels and most importantly, he is TONS OF FUN! It was a blast to have him in Chicago and it’s GREAT to have him on the Wilson team!!!

I am extremely excited to share the video with you next week, so it’s into the editing room we go!!!

You ready Chris, Chris and Erica?!

Until later,


Grigor Dimitrov with Tony Priolo and Ciro Longobardo of Piccolo Sogno

Grigor Dimitrov with Tony Priolo and Ciro Longobardo of Piccolo Sogno

Grigor Dimitrov at the Art Institute of Chicago

Grigor Dimitrov at the Art Institute of Chicago

Vince, 'Wilsonita' and Grigor at the Chicago Bulls game

Vince, ‘Wilsonita’ and Grigor at the Chicago Bulls game

Alejandro, Grigor, Erica and Tracy at Sunda

Alejandro, Grigor, Erica and Tracy at Sunda


Luck be a lady

Hey there,

Hope this entry finds everyone well. It’s been a while but I have good excuses! ;P

So I just got back from San Diego as I joined the Wilson crew at the last stop of our tour to show off our new 2013 tennis rackets to partners, dealers/retailers and a few select juniors and club players. It was super insightful to hear the feedback on our products and to see everyone get psyched about our new revolutionary racket technology. We also had the Tennis Channel there to check it out, which was rad! I am not going to get into detail about it just yet, but let’s just say the words of Dead or Alive, these new Wilson tennis rackets “SPIN YOU RIGHT ROUND!!!” 😉

And you will definitely hear more about it in the weeks to come…. but if you are super eager, you might want to keep an eye on Tennis Channel! 😉

But for now, let’s talk about my Wilson peeps…… we have all been grinding it hard, giving that one big final push to the end of year and making sure we are lined up properly to have a great 2013. The tough part? Saying Ciao to a couple of my favorite people, Mario Vergara & his wife Melissa. They have been a big part of enjoying Chicago and I will definitely miss them! Between them and Kenny leaving, I feel a bit abandoned…. The good news, there are some additions to the team to help us continue to grow in the online space and give a different perspective on the tennis life. In the next weeks, you will see entries and postings from our new Digital Specialist, Lauren Adermann. Please welcome her! 🙂 I’m really excited to have another person to work closely with and we will also have another new member to the team, Anna, who will start in the next few weeks.

It’s been an extremely crazy 6-8 month GRIND, but seems like everything is finally coming together…

I have been quite reflective these past few weeks (might have something to do with getting a year older!) but I feel really lucky to have found my rhythm here in Chicago. The people I work with, the friends I have made, have really made it a fun experience. As most of my friends and family know, I am not a ‘winter lover’ and am a serious creature of habit, but right now I’m having a blast and can’t imagine being anywhere else.

I feel lucky to go to work and being excited to work with the team, bustin it, laughing and have intellectual debates on what we should do. If you enjoy and respect the people you work with, it’s a huge bonus. (Not sure if the crew feel the same about me, but anyway… ha) And out of the office, I have my spots. Piccolo Sogno AT LEAST once a week…Tony and Ciro are the best!!!! And Billy’s  Sunda & Underground when I feel like misbehaving… lol

Not sure why, but I have been always fortunate enough to have people look after me and they let me experience some cool s**t with them……and you will get to see  some of it coming up when Grigor Dimitrov hits Chicago with Wilson!! 🙂 ….. More to come on that….

Until later,


Wilson General Manager Jon Muir doing an interview with Tennis Channel in San Diego

Wilson General Manager Jon Muir doing an interview with Tennis Channel in San Diego

Wilson Team Effort Brings the Funny

So I finally can go into depth on officially my favorite Wilson video I have done thus far!! 🙂

This Wilson Steam video is based on all those learning center ads you see on tv for the kids that are struggling at school and the learning center helps them get the best out of themselves.. blah blah blah.

It is my favorite piece we have done so far, the acting is so good that some of the feedback so far has been that people think we are being serious!! It’s a dramedy people!!! haha  Although I do think every junior tennis player has gone through these type of conversations with their parents after a tough loss though, right?!  😉

So how did we end up there?! So while I definitely had the Juice infomercial locked and loaded, I knew I needed something for Steam. After discussing my favorite informercials with Kari Brown, GM Jon Muir’s assistant (who has the great challenge of sitting accross from me daily) brings up a local ad that we see on tv often. The acting was so over the top awesome that we had to make it our own.

That’s what I love about this video, it was not just my idea…. so many people were involved and I feel lucky to work with so many cool and creative people!! We had Mario helped bring in some players, our juniors Gabby Andrews and Bryce Pereira, their fathers, mothers, coaches, aunts and uncles play the parents, my friend Brandis and her student Joe (he’s the kids that promises to try harder), Kei Nishikori makes an appearance, Robin behind the camera, cleaning the edits and then we had US Sales Manager Jeffery Adams do the voiceover! lol  Now for those of you who don’t know Jeffery, to have him talk as fast as he could during the “paid advertisement” part was the best part! It was definitely out of his comfort zone, but he did an amazing job! We did all his voiceovers in the IW hotel room and it looked weird with 3 of us sitting there, but it was super effective!! You guys have to pay attention to the great words he is saying UBER fast… someone very funny wrote it 😉  

Also, wanted to recognize a great addition to the Wilson team, Robin Fenlon. He has been our digital videographer on the videos you saw from Indian Wells through now. He is  amazing fun to work with…. just by chance I met him through a friend and he has been a great asset to our social media and instrumental in making the scripts that I have had on the pages for a while  come alive!! Psyched to work with him… and even more psyched about what we have planned Roland Garros… can’t wait to share it with you guys!!!

Until later,


Jeffery Adams working the mic for Wilson vid!

Jeffery Adams working the mic for Wilson vid!

Robin doin work




Debuting this coming summer at top universities across the country, Wilson launches Wilson Collegiate Tennis Camps (www.wilsontenniscamps.com). The camps provide players ages 8-18 years of age overnight programming led by college tennis’ top head coaches. Featuring first rate facilities and the latest and most sophisticated teaching techniques, the Wilson Collegiate Tennis Camps provide best in class preparation for those participating in elementary school, middle school, high school, United States Tennis Association (USTA) team tennis, or preparing to compete in USTA tournaments and leagues.

 “This is an exciting time at Wilson Tennis both at the professional level and for our brand and business outlook going forward,” said Jon Muir, general manager for Wilson Racquet Sports. “We took this momentum and, working with Premier Sports Camps, designed a performance-driven program and approach that will complement the training of junior players eager to take their game to the next level with a true college tennis experience.”

Wilson Collegiate Tennis Camps will launch at ten locations across the nation, including: Brown University, Case Western University, Colorado College, College of William & Mary, Kalamazoo College The University of Virginia, The University of North Florida, The College of Wooster, The University of Notre Dame, and Vanderbilt University.

Junior players of all skill levels will receive instruction on the fundamentals of all major strokes and will enhance their skills through progression, ball-feeding drills, live-ball situations and competitive match play. In addition, campers will be exposed to team competition and match play in singles and doubles. 

Head Coach Bobby Bayliss of The University of Notre Dame added, “We’re thrilled to be a flagship camp for the Wilson Collegiate Tennis Camps and to expand our summer program to more juniors this coming summer. This new partnership will enable us to have our most successful summer to date.” 

“In an environment dedicated with small group settings, an emphasis on individual attention, and tailored instructional programs, The Wilson Collegiate Tennis Camps raise the bar on what to expect and what can be achieved at summer tennis camp,” continued Muir. Additional information on specific camps, registration, and dates is offered at www.wilsontenniscamps.com.

Wilson extends sponsorship of Davis Cup and Fed Cup

Wilson Business Director Europe Christian Singer and ITF President Francesco Ricci Bitti

The ITF announced today that it has renewed its sponsorship agreement with Wilson Racquet Sports as an international partner of Davis Cup and Fed Cup. Wilson will remain the Official Ball of Davis Cup and Fed Cup for a further five years, starting in 2013 through 2017.

Wilson joined Davis Cup in 2002 as an official partner and manufacturer of the Official Ball of Davis Cup. It currently markets the Wilson Davis Cup Tour ball as the Official Ball of Davis Cup, a premium tennis ball that is ideal for play on all court surfaces.

Wilson went on to become an official partner and manufacturer of the Official Ball of Fed Cup in 2006, since when it has increased its on-site presence and activities at all ties in the ITF’s premier team competitions.

In addition to its long-term support of Davis Cup and Fed Cup, Wilson has a strong commitment to grass roots tennis. It is currently the Official Ball of the ITF’s junior team competitions at the under 14 and under 16 level; the exclusive supplier of tennis rackets, shoes, clothing and accessories to the ITF Development Coaching Team; and has also supported the ITF Worldwide Coaches Conference.

ITF President Francesco Ricci Bitti said: “Wilson remains an outstanding partner for the ITF, helping in our efforts to develop and promote the game. In particular the company has been a long and loyal sponsor of our premier team competitions, and we are delighted to have its continued support for many years to come.”


“The Davis Cup and Fed Cup are iconic tennis institutions, important to the heritage of the sport and to our brand,” said Jon Muir, general manager for Wilson Racquet Sports. “These events help to drive the local participation efforts in many countries around the world, and our brand and business efforts have aligned to support this as well. We are pleased to continue this strong partnership and look forward to bringing the energy of the game to all generations of tennis fans.”


Following 10 days of intense heat and competition at this year’s Australian Open, Wilson Tour player Victoria Azarenka will take on Maria Sharapova in the anticipated showdown that will decide the world’s no. 1 player. Azarenka, the 22-year old WTA Tour world no. 3, is the newest member of Wilson’s team of elite players.


Known for her powerful playing style that continually challenges her opponents, the 5-foot-11-inch Belarusian uses the Wilson Juice™100 racket featuring Amplifeel™, Wilson’s proprietary handle system designed to increase power and spin.


“Vika is a fiercely passionate player,” said Jon Muir, general manger of Wilson Racquet Sports.  “Her confident attitude and consistent performances are great examples of what it takes to win.”


Azarenka switched to the Wilson Juice late last year, after signing a long-term partnership with the brand. Since then, she has shown solid form, with winning the Apia International Sydney title and defeated defending champion Kim Clijsters en route to the finals of Australian Open.


If Azarenka wins the final, she will become the third player in history to rise to the top ranking after her first Grand Slam win.  She is the first player from Belarus to compete in a Grand Slam final in 24 years.

Wilson is Official Tennis Ball of the BNP Paribas Showdown & Tennis Night in America


It's Tennis Night in America


[Tonight, Monday, February 28th, is the much anticipated 2011 BNP Paribas Showdown, marketed as “Tennis Night in America”, live from Madison Square Garden. The one-night event will feature two of the greatest rivalries in tennis when John McEnroe faces off against Ivan Lendl to be followed with Pete Sampras taking on Andre Agassi.

The four all-time greats have won a combined 37 Grand Slam Singles titles and 295 ATP Tour events. The match will air to 45 million homes in 130 countries. Starting at 6:00 p.m. Central ESPN3.com will stream live the classic rivalry between McEnroe and Lendl. At 8:00 p.m. Central, ESPN2 will televise the match between Sampras and Agassi.

Sampras will be playing with a blacked out racket (no cosmetics) for the event this evening.  More details to follow later in the year, but Pete plans to maintain an active playing schedule (exhibitions and senior events) throughout 2011 and beyond. He is committed to working with Wilson on something new that we expect to share with everyone later in the year.

Wilson is the Official Ball and partner of the event and provided numerous promotional materials as well. Keep an eye out for Wilson Couch commercials, Tour Vision shoes for ball persons and linesmen, and on-court ball coolers.

Wilson is also supporting the pre-event launching USTA’s 10 and Under Tennis initiative.

In 2011, the USTA will spearhead the change in the look and feel of tennis, with lines for the 60-foot tennis court employed by the QuickStart Tennis play format being added to a traditional 78-foot court. Known as blended lines, the result enables more children to get in the game by learning how to play on an appropriately sized court.

10 and Under Tennis is real tennis scaled to size and lower-bouncing balls, lighter and smaller racquets, and shorter courts that make the game fun, easy to learn and easy to play, ensuring that kids will return to tennis again and again. Tonight, at 8 p.m. Central on ESPN2, viewers will witness a live tennis match in the U.S. played on a court with blended lines for the very first time. 

In an exciting first, the USTA and First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” campaign have teamed up to create a Public Service Announcement that encourages children to get active and enjoy tennis. The PSA will air for the first time tonight on ESPN2. The PSA will go into broader rotation this summer during the Olympus US Open Series and the US Open. Please click on the link http://www.usta.com/videos/usta-teams-with-first-lady-michelle-obama/ to view the PSA. 

Get started with Wilson Tennis Starter equipment!