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Win, Spin & Shred contest winner Nathan reviews the new Wilson Blade 98S tennis racket

Nathan reviews the new Wilson Blade 98S tennis racket

Nathan reviews the new Wilson Blade 98S tennis racket


I will admit that I was a little hesitant using the blade at first, considering that I am really in love with my Six One tour blx it took a little getting use to. But a few things I picked up immediately when using it was the defiant gain in spin. I am not a player that usually uses a lot of spin, but even with my eastern forehand, the ball was definitely dropping in the back of the court with a lot more spin. Also I immediately gained a lot of confidence on my one hand backhand with the extra net clearance and with a really crisp feel that the racquet brings. Will more playing with the racquet I grew to love it more and more and now I love grabbing it out of my bag and using it more and more. 


After playing with it more I was amazed at some of the balls that were landing in because of the crazy spin that came off of the racquet. And the really nice thing was that I was able to produce a great deal of spin and I never felt like it compromised any of the classic great blade feel.


Other things that I really liked about the Blade 98s was my slice (especially on the backhand side) and volleys. I felt that I could always get my slices deep and I had no trouble playing at the net because of the racquet’s great maneuverability. My favorite shot with the racquet I would have to say for sure was my serve. Every serve I hit with the Blade 98s felt great and I had no problems aiming exactly where I wanted to with it. I hit a pretty mean slice serve out wide from the ad side of the court and I had continued success with my favorite shot with this racquet. 


-Nathan Huggett


European Junior Champ de Vroome signs with Wilson Sporting Goods

Indy de Vroome plays with the Wilson Blade Team tennis racket

European Junior Champ de Vroome signs with Wilson Sporting Goods

14 year old Indy de Vroome commits to using her Wilson Blade tennis racket for years to come. 

“I love my Wilson racket and cannot imagine playing with anything else,” said the young Dutch player, de Vroome. “Since I switched, Wilson has helped me lift my game to a new level and I think Wilson can continue to help me reach my dream of playing pro tennis.”

The energetic teenager has been on the rise, winning 3 ITF Junior Circuit titles, reaching the finals and semis of two other ITF Junior Circuit events.  Most recently, de Vroome swung her Wilson Blade Team tennis racket to take the European Girls Singles title in the Under 14’s age division. 

“Indy’s intensity and determination are great qualities we look for in a young player” said Jacob Martin, Wilson Junior Tour Manager Europe. “To have Indy within the 7 out of the 8 European Junior Champions that Wilson had this summer, really speaks highly for the future of the Wilson team.”

de Vroome will play several ITF Junior Circuit tournaments this summer before playing the Eddie Herr and Orange Bowl later this year.

For more information on Indy, go to: 


European Junior Champ Indy de Vroome

Wilson Rising Star Polona Hercog reaches her 1st WTA Tour Final


Wilson Rising Star Polona Hercog uses the Wilson Blade 98 tennis racket


Wilson Rising Star Polona Hercog reaches her 1st WTA Tour Final

Using her Wilson Blade 98 tennis racket, Wilson Rising Star Polona Hercog reached her first WTA Tour final by defeating fellow Wilson player Carla Suarez Navarro 6-3, 7-5 at the Mexican Open in Acapulco.
“With every match I am playing better and I felt really comfortable in the warm-up, so I went on the court really confident,” Hercog said.
The 19 year old Hercog has been climbing steadily up the WTA Tour ranks as she won 4 ITF Pro Circuit Challenger events in 2009 and is currently at a career high #59 in singles on the WTA Tour.
“Polona is just starting to tap into her talent and we look forward to seeing many more outstanding results from her,” says Renaud Vallon, Wilson Tour Manager Europe.  He continued, “She is a great asset to the Wilson team and we are happy to be part of this bright rising star’s career.”
Of being part of the Wilson team, Hercog said, “I’ve had my best results playing with my Wilson Blade racket and I just love it. Every players racket is a big part of their success and it feels great to go out on the court to play my first WTA final with the ultimate amount of confidence.”
Hercog will face fellow Wilson player Venus Williams in the final.