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Serena World Number 1 2013 FINAL

2013 will go down as one of the greatest seasons in the open era of professional tennis by Wilson Blade player Serena Williams.  In her 18th year as a professional tennis player, the only tennis player male or female to have won the Golden Slam in both singles and doubles, continues to dominate and add a multitude of highlights and accomplishments to her illustrious career.

She finished the year as the #1 player in the world 11 years after she became #1 in the world for the first time!  She won half of the Grand Slams (US & French) bringing her Grand Slam Singles Title total to 17, matching Roger Federer.  She won 11 tournament titles, bringing her career total to 57 and she holds the most singles, doubles and mixed major titles of any active male or female player in the game.

In the history of the open era of tennis, only Martina Navratilova and Steffi Graf have had seasons that equaled Serena’s 2013.  By winning her 4th year-end championship, Serena became the only the 4th player do so and has the winningest match percentage of any player in the history of the sport for year-end championships.

“I am so blessed to have had the year I had in 2013,” said Williams.  “I also want to thank the team at Wilson for their support.  Wilson makes the best rackets which has allowed me to do what I need to do to succeed.”

Serena has now won the second most hard court matches of any player in the history of tennis and has the second highest percent of grass court wins.  Her 2013 match record was 78 – 4 and she had a 15-match win streak leading into the WTA Championships.  She has now won more prize money than any female player in the history of the game at over $50,000,000 and her 2013 winnings of $12,385,572 was a new record as well.

“Serena Williams is going to go down as one of the greatest if not the greatest female player of all time.“ stated Wilson General Manager, Jon Muir. “With 17 Grand Slam Singles Titles, Serena is one slam away from becoming the #2 all time Grand Slam Singles record holder in the open era.  We are extremely proud of what she continues to accomplish and will continue to innovate to support her in every way.  It has been a tremendous partnership.”

The Wilson Blade was designed for hard-hitting, aggressive players. It’s a control racket for the modern, aggressive game and upgraded with Amplifeel for enhanced feel and a new construction for increased performance.  As the choice of many tour and Next Gen players, the Blade is the future of control.



BE NEXT with Wilson & Meet Roger Federer

Hey there,

Well, it;s 5:15am here in Paris and been up for a few hours already. Jet lag stinks!

Just got here yesterday with Nathan our new racket dude, as we will be doing a couple events with Spin Effect Technology this week. Today is Paris and we will have be at Tennis Club de Paris. I love that club and hope today goes well!! We will see! 🙂

Yesterday, I’m sure you saw Roger pull out another great win to hit 36 consecutive Grand Slam quarterfinals and 900th match win. WHOA!!  Even if it’s a rough day like yesterday, he finds a way to win… he shows is a champion each time he steps on the court… simply amazing….

And it just doesn’t stop on court, Roger wants to motivate the NEXT GEN to play tennis. Kids have the chance to meet Roger at this years US Open!!!

Go to http://www.wilson.com/benext to enter for your chance to win.

It’s a photo scramble game, which is super fun… I tested a few times before the start and I have to say I am rather impressed with the times people are bringing in. Fastest completion time thus far is 5 seconds… WTF?! They must really want to meet Roger!!! haha

Good luck and until later,



Milos swinging his Wilson Blade 98 in Kooyong

Hey there,

Well, it’s 4am, I’m trying to catch up on emails and things that need to be attend to back in Chicago….we were going to have Robin write an entry on here, but he is slacking so you are stuck with me again! 😉

It’s been an odd and challenging past couple of days and it seems like it will continue to get even more challenging…. oh where should I begin?! Well, let’s start with the fact that the tournament has now said that we cannot shoot our own players on site during practice! As you know, we have shot all our players the past couple of years and how a tournament thinks they are able to control ALL people from taking video on site, well that is just crazy…. they actually told us that if someone is to use an iphone video they would need a media sticker to be allowed to shoot video on site…. good luck with that one Oz!!!

Then there is the physical challenge…. Jacob was sick yesterday with fever, I have been having fever and stomach issues for 5 days and as Anna would say, “Having things depart” a bit quickly. LOL, then Robin got crazy sunburn from shooting Milos at Kooyong, cause a super pale guy from the UK shouldn’t use sunblock, right?! 😛  Needless to say, we are the walking wounded, but we keep plugging away!! haha

Then we have the challenges that we cannot really talk about super openly, but I will say, in the face of change it’s an opportunity for us to embrace the challenges that lay ahead and show what we are truly capable of…

As for the suite, we were bumpin yesterday, Kei Nishikori stopped by to grab some Luxilon 4G (that string is getting more and more popular with the players), talked Steam Spin rackets with Vika’s coach Sam, Melanie Oudin stopped by to get her apparel kit & Rush Pro’s and Polona Hercog picked up her gear as well.

One of the suite challenges is for us to keep “THE LOG”… we keep track of the items that players receive….. or at least, we try to keep track! I’m not sure who is worst on getting into the log, me or Clement…. probably me! haha

Another challenge? We have NO OVERGRIP!!! AHHHHH!!!! So we are hoping the rest of our shipment comes in today because players definitely take Pro Overgrip like candy…Hopefully customs let’s our stuff get here so our players kick butt!! 🙂

So women’s qualies start today and we will be checking out our booth space for the tournament.

Until later,


Jacob and Clement hard at work

Jacob and Clement hard at work







Rock it out!!

Jacob Martin, Milos Raonic and Mario Vergara

Jacob Martin, Milos Raonic and Mario Vergara

Hey there,

Well it’s Friday, last day of qualies, and it feels like I have already been here an eternity and the main draw hasn’t even started yet!!
Maybe it’s a hangover still left from last years US Open?! LOL

The last couple of days have been super productive, we have been working on things to show just how much Wilson is involved in the US Open. Wilson and the USTA have been great partners for over 30 years… we have been the Official Ball for 34 years and we are also the Official Stringer for the tournament. We also run a store on site that is located in Armstrong. One thing you may not know is that almost everyone that works in Wilson HQ in Chicago works the Wilson store. It is our opportunity to make sure we connect with the tennis fans/players and get feedback so we always can improve and make the best products possible. It’s uber hardwork for 3 weeks, but everyone is awesome at it!! Come say hello!! 🙂

Being in NY always has a certain amount of energy that no other city in the world has and the US Open brings the best out of the city in a time of the year. Most people are normally in the Hamptons chillin, but everyone comes back to see the best tennis players rock it out in Flushing!!!

Players have pretty much arrived: Serena Williams, Roger Federer, Victoria Azarenka, Mardy Fish, Grigor Dimitrov, Milos Raonic, Philipp Kohlschreiber, have all been on site practicing and doing their sponsor commitment events in the city.

Last night was nice for me as I managed to have dinner with my Mom and my uncle who live here in NY and on my way back to the hotel, I ran into Andrea Petkovic!!! Andrea was on her way back to her hotel from the Taste of Tennis which is a fun foodie event. I know I said this in a blog prior, but I’m just really happy to see her back on tour, she is such a good person for the WTA as she is not afraid to show her personality, ham it up a bit when needed and just all in all have fun and enjoy it!! She is a ROCKSTAR and it’s GREAT to have her back.

Anyway, Robin and I are at the hotel now, editing video and making sure we have stuff ready for next week.  Later today we will shoot stuff for our HOPE campaign (more to come on that) and we will be going to MSG for a special announcement later this evening.

Until later,


Great photo of the Wilson Stringing Room at US Open. Photo courtesy of Robin Fenlon

Wilson Stringing Room at US Open. Beats by Dre a necessity when stringing Serena Williams’ Wilson Blade Team tennis racket!
Photo courtesy of Robin Fenlon




Getting to know Wilson Next Gen’r Rhyne Williams- 2012 Spring/Summer Playlist

Rhyne Williams officially signs with Wilson!!

Rhyne Williams officially signs with Wilson!!

Rhyne Williams is the newest member to the Wilson team. 21 year old Rhyne had a successful junior and collegiate career at Tennessee, reaching the NCAA Singles final in 2011 and now looks to take those abilities to the tour.

Using his Wilson Blade 98, Rhyne has already won two futures titles, made his way through qualifying at the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells and sits at a career high 333 this week.

We caught up with Rhyne for a few short questions to get some insight to this upcoming player. 


Favorite quote: Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. 


Best thing about college: The team aspect. It was incredibly fun to play for something other than myself. I made many friends that I will remember for the rest of my life. 


Favorite sport to watch: College Basketball


One word to describe my personal style: Active


One word to describe my Wilson Blade tennis racket: Solid


Top 5 Songs:

Seek and Destroy by Metallica

Satisfaction by Benny Bennassi

Alien Nation by Scorpions

Indestructible by Disturbed

Levels by Avicii


Wilson Players Continue to Win Titles on WTA

Serena Williams plays with the Wilson Blade Team tennis racket

Serena Williams plays with the Wilson Blade Team tennis racket

Wilson Players Continue to Win Titles on WTA

Serena Williams Wins 40th WTA Title with Wilson Blade; Lucie Safarova Wins Doubles Title with Wilson Juice at Family Circle Cup

Serena Williams, 27-time Grand Slam winner and two-time doubles Olympic gold medalist, claimed her 40th WTA title yesterday in Charleston, S.C., with her Wilson Blade Team tennis racket, defeating fellow Wilson player Lucie Safarova 6-0, 6-1 in the finals of the Family Circle Cup. Williams has had a Wilson racket in hand for all 40 of her title wins.

“We extend heart-felt congratulations to Serena on her impactful win yesterday,” said Renaud Vallon, global tour director of Wilson Racquet Sports. “She has won countless matches over the course of her renowned tennis career, and this is certainly an impressive milestone we knew would be close at hand.  This will no doubt be a strong year for Serena with the form she’s in and the dominance she’s currently showing in the WTA.”

Not all was lost for the singles finalist; Lucie Safarova volleyed with her Wilson Juice 100 tennis racket to take home her first WTA doubles title with partner Pavlyuchenkova.

“I am playing some of my best tennis with my new Juice racket and, after reaching the finals of singles and then taking the doubles title, I am just more pumped for the next tournament!” said Safarova.

Wilson tennis rackets continue to bring results on the WTA Tour.  In just the first four months of 2012, 13 titles have already been won with a Wilson racket.

For more information on the latest Wilson rackets, go to: http://www.wilson.com/en-us/tennis/rackets/

Lucie Safarova plays with the Wilson Juice tennis racket

Lucie Safarova plays with the Wilson Juice tennis racket


Wilson Next Gen Men On the Rise

Start getting to know these guys names. They are the future of Wilson Tennis.



Playing a big all court game with his Wilson Six.One 95, 21 year old Vasek Pospisil reaches the Top 100 on the ATP World Tour for the 1st time this week after winning the ATP Challenger in Rimouski.





Armed with his Wilson Blade 98, 21 year old David Goffin reaches a career high #112 on the ATP World Tour after qualifying to reach the 2nd round of Miami and defeating world #46 Young, followed by winning the ATP Challenger in Guadeloupe.





After reaching the finals of the Australian Open Boys Singles in January, 18 year old Filip Peliwo continues his climb up the rankings. Swinging his Wilson Blade 98, Filip reached the semifinals of the ATP Challenger in Rimouski to reach a career high 581 on the ATP Tour after just 6 tournaments and is currently ranked #6 on the ITF Junior rankings.





Rhyne Williams is the newest member to the Wilson team. 21 year old Rhyne had a successful junior and collegiate career at Tennessee, reaching the NCAA Singles final in 2011 and now looks to take those abilities to the tour. Using his Wilson Blade 98, Rhyne has already won two futures titles and made his way through qualifying at the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells to reach a current career high 369 on the ATP Tour in just 4 months.