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Serena Williams Named WTA Player of the Year

She’s done it again…for the fourth time, to be exact. After extraordinary tennis play in 2012 including wins at Wimbledon, the US Open and the WTA Championships in Istanbul, Serena Williams has been named WTA’s Player of the Year.

Playing with her Wilson Blade Team BLX tennis racket, “Serena Williams put together one of the greatest seven months in the history of women’s tennis from April to October this year, winning two Grand Slam titles, Olympic gold and 48 of 50 matches” says the WTA of Williams’ 2012 season.

From the entire Wilson crew, we’d like to issue a a warm congratulations to Serena on the award and we look forward to watching her dominate 2013!


Wimbledon- Serena’s Return

Serena Williams volleys with her Wilson Blade Team tennis racquet

Hey all,

Serena made a postive return with a win today.

Check out Serena get into the Feel Advice action



Day 8- Paris 2011

Well, for me, I have wrapped up another year at the French Open.

The rest of the Tour Team will still be here as there is still tons of work to be done. The juniors start this weekend and we are always interested in finding our NEXT Wilson team member…… For most Grand Slams are the time to enjoy great tennis and for the Tour Team, this is where the serious work gets done…..we get to see all our players, their agents and make sure we are set up for the months and years to come.

It is always great to visit Paris, get some work done and even manage to catch up with old friends. 😉

For a few years, I have been chomping to hit balls at the Arc de Triomphe and yesterday we managed to make it happen!!

Definitely, something to remember. We also wanted to get other people involved, so Clement started approaching people so had some funny reactions! 🙂 Check out the video of our day around the city!

I hope you enjoyed our UStreams and updates on Twitter and Facebook and we look forward to continuing to share a behind the scenes look at Wilson and pro tennis.

Until next Wednesday, Tracy