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A Great Day with Wilson! by Ashley Kratzer

Ashley Krazter and Serena Williams on set at the Wilson shoot

Ashley Krazter and Serena Williams on set at the Wilson shoot

I had a great day participating in the video shoot for Wilson. I was very honored to have been invited to participate in such a wonderful opportunity. Even though the photo shoot took place in Miami I couldn’t wait to fly there from Southern California. When I arrived I was very excited to see all the crew and set up, the wardrobe trailer and everything that was going on for the video shoot. The 3 other kids I met, Morgan, Noah and Dylan were really cool and we had fun hanging out together.

The best part about the day was when Serena arrived on set. She was very nice and friendly! Serena laughed with everyone and made everybody feel very comfortable and relaxed while shooting the video. Getting the chance to hit balls with the worlds number one player was a thrill for us all! At one point during shooting a flock of parrots landed in the trees above us and wouldn’t stop chirping. They were so loud that the crew had to stop the shoot and make loud noises to scare them away. We all had a good laugh at that. At the end of the day it started to rain which was a bummer for me because I was going to get the chance to hit with Victoria Azarenka. Although I did get to see other players arrive such as Petra Kvitova and Kei Nishikori. It was all very exciting! I had such a great day!

I want to thank Tracy Singian and a special thanks to Serena Williams. I feel so lucky to have met her and to have been a part of this special video. I’d also like to thank Wilson for the wonderful opportunity and I greatly appreciate everything Wilson does for my tennis game.

– Ashley


Ultimate Birthday by Noah Makarome

Noah Makarome (far left) with Serena Williams and crew at Wilson photoshoot

Noah Makarome (far left) with Serena Williams and crew at Wilson photoshoot

A typical birthday for me would consist of just hanging out with my family and friends and eating birthday cake. However, about a week before my 14th birthday, I received an invitation that was going to give me the best birthday present ever. I was handed the opportunity of a lifetime – to shoot a Wilson ad with the greatest women’s player ever: Serena Williams.
When I arrived on set on the morning of the shoot, I was astonished when I saw the number of crew members that were needed for the production. With this being my first shoot, I didn’t know what to expect at all. However, everyone was very cordial which helped me to relax. The crew shot several takes of my friends and I repeatedly performing tasks for the video, which was time consuming and fun at the same time. There was actually a lot more waiting time than you would think! Everyone on set was having a great time and it hardly felt like there was any work involved. The entire Wilson team kept the atmosphere alive and joyful and they were very patient when working with me. Their professionalism was a great asset in saving time and maintaining proficiency.
Serena arrived in the afternoon, and meeting her was an inspiration for my friends and I. To meet the winner of 16 singles Grand Slams and 13 doubles Grand Slams was unreal. She was really friendly and I got the opportunity to ask her questions about her career and all. Serena was very professional when it came down to the business of shooting the scenes, and it showed me how to act in situations like those.
The Wilson team handled the whole experience very professionally and made it very convenient for my family and I. They took care of hotels and planned the day perfectly. I would like to thank Tracy Singian and the entire Wilson team for giving me this opportunity to star along with one of the greats of tennis in their commercial. I don’t think I could have received a better 14th birthday present!

– Noah

The Highest “High Five” of My Life by Raquel Pedraza

Roger Federer & Raquel Pedraza

Yes, that’s me high fiving the greatest man ever, Roger Federer!  When I first met Roger, I thought, “Wow!  This guy is a legend, he has won the most grand slam titles ever!”  It was thrilling to meet him.  Roger radiates confidence and he has a gift of sharing his enthusiasm for life.  Just being around him was fun, happy, and relaxing.  He truly cares about doing his best at whatever he does.  Working with Roger has taught me to be mindful and enjoy each moment life brings.  An awesome attitude towards life makes competing so much more rewarding.  I am so blessed to have met and worked with Roger, he has made a lasting impression upon me.    I appreciate all of his hard work and devotion to tennis and his passion for helping others all over the world.  He is an amazing human being!

Roger has a great sense of humor, he would crack jokes during takes and make everyone laugh.  When I was hitting swing volleys he would say, “Peg the boys!” and so I would go for Bryce and Bogdan and I hit one of them right in the hand, which was pretty funny.  Then Roger would give me a fist pump and then we would explode it.  Once I missed a swing volley and Roger was like, “No high five for that one!” and everyone would laugh.

The Wilson crew was so funny too!  I accidentally hit the camera man twice and so they brought out these huge 2x4s to hide themselves between the camera.  It was hilarious because I hit the camera man in the head.  Everyone was having fun on the set.

It seems as if that day with Roger was all a dream, but thankfully the awesome Wilson commercial keeps the dream alive.  Thank you Wilson for the incredible opportunity to be a part of your team!  Meeting Roger and everyone else at the shoot was an honor.  I love the passion and inspiration that goes into everything Wilson does!


Raquel Pedraza


Not Your Average Tuesday Night in the Desert by Bryce Pereira

Roger Federer & Bryce Pereira

Roger Federer & Bryce Pereira on set at the Wilson shoot

Anyone who knows me, knows that Roger Federer is my all-time favorite tennis player. Hands down. No one else even comes close to Roger, in my mind. So imagine my surprise when I got a call from Tracy Singian of Wilson, asking me to be in a commercial with Roger Federer.

Roger Federer. ROGER FEDERER!! I couldn’t believe it. Tracy told me that Wilson had chosen 3 other juniors to be in the commercial as well. Wow. After I spoke with Tracy, I went back to my practice and I was fired up.

Finally, the day arrived. The commercial was being shot at the JW Marriott in Palm Desert. I had played on those courts lots of times in tournaments, so I was familiar with the atmosphere. I met Tracy last year when I did several videos for Wilson. I also knew Robin Fenlon, who filmed me for those videos. Both Tracy and Robin are cool and easy to work with so I knew the shoot was going to be fun.

But this was a much bigger production than last year’s shoot. When I arrived, I saw Roger through the fence, and there were lights and cameras and crew members everywhere. I went to change into my wardrobe and Tracy came over to say hi and said that there were media people there to do interviews with the juniors. Whoa. I was not prepared for that. My mom told me to stand up straight. Haha

I met Bogdan, the junior from Romania that had flown in for the shoot. I also met Ronnie, who is 4 years old. I already knew Raquel because we used to train together. All of us kids were so excited.

We warmed up a couple of courts over from where Roger was filming, and I saw him watching us. Then we got called over to meet him. I shook his hand. We did some scenes with a lot of action and Roger was having as much fun as we were. He talked to us between takes and I don’t know about the others, but I couldn’t believe how laid back and normal he was.

Then came the scene where I got to hit with Roger. I was so nervous. When the cameras started rolling, I heard Tracy tell my mom that I looked “tight.” Tracy was right. She talked to me and said to just have fun and let it go. We did a second take and I did. I felt really good about my backhand and I started to rip the ball. I was actually exchanging one-handed backhands with Roger Federer!!!!!!!!!!! The Greatest of All Time!! The ball was coming off of Roger’s racquet so cleanly. I had to focus extra hard so that I wouldn’t shank. Haha

After that scene, Roger asked me how long I had had a one-handed backhand. He was asking ME questions. How cool is that?! He told me what it was like going through juniors with a one-hander. I could definitely relate.

I think the commercial is going to be awesome.

I want to say thank you to Tracy, Robin, Mr. Muir, and the whole Wilson Team for giving me this opportunity. Everyone was so nice and they made the shoot so much fun. This was a night I will never, ever forget. It was a dream come true. I think back on it now and I still can’t believe it sometimes. I am very lucky. Life is good.

See you on the courts,


Music, Memories & Tennis Players

Grigor Dimitrov, DJ Matt Roan & E Six

Happy Memorial Day to all our American Wilson Tennis people out there!

Thank you to all the great men and women who have served our great country & protect our freedom.

Ok, so it’s 80 degrees and Chicago is coming alive! We hit the courts today (almost passed out, but whatever!) and it started getting me a bit nostalgic of the times I spent on court, all the tournaments, off court shenanigans, the matches I played, the memories that are built around tennis. It seems to me with every great memory or moment, I can always recall a song that reminds me of that time in my life.

A trip to Italy when I was 16, playing French warm up tournaments in Santa Croce listening to Dr.Dre & Led Zep before matches (weird combo, I know)……watching one of my friends have to squat a bike rack cause the coach was unhappy she lost to Clijsters (he said she sucked, ha) and I was listening to Tom Petty laughing…

You get the idea…..now since we are deep into the French Open and leading into the summer, Wimby ahead….we wanted to share with you a great Summer Vacation Mix by our friends at Crossfader King & Dj Matt Roan.

Download it here!!! Make your own moments with this great mix.

Hope your summer is filled with great memories, aces and thunderous beats!

Until later, Tracy

No doubt, the boys had fun shooting this video as much as I did! 🙂

In case you haven’t seen this yet, Wilson Next Gen’r Grigor Dimitrov & Crossfader King get it spinnin!

BE NEXT- Win $500 of Wilson Tennis gear!!


Kei Nishikori “splits” with New York Mets 1st baseman Ike Davis

Rising tennis star Kei Nishikori splits his time between the tennis court and baseball field when he meets up with New York Mets first baseman Ike Davis to talk about the importance of prep.