Win, Spin & Shred contest winner Nathan reviews the new Wilson Blade 98S tennis racket

Nathan reviews the new Wilson Blade 98S tennis racket

Nathan reviews the new Wilson Blade 98S tennis racket


I will admit that I was a little hesitant using the blade at first, considering that I am really in love with my Six One tour blx it took a little getting use to. But a few things I picked up immediately when using it was the defiant gain in spin. I am not a player that usually uses a lot of spin, but even with my eastern forehand, the ball was definitely dropping in the back of the court with a lot more spin. Also I immediately gained a lot of confidence on my one hand backhand with the extra net clearance and with a really crisp feel that the racquet brings. Will more playing with the racquet I grew to love it more and more and now I love grabbing it out of my bag and using it more and more. 


After playing with it more I was amazed at some of the balls that were landing in because of the crazy spin that came off of the racquet. And the really nice thing was that I was able to produce a great deal of spin and I never felt like it compromised any of the classic great blade feel.


Other things that I really liked about the Blade 98s was my slice (especially on the backhand side) and volleys. I felt that I could always get my slices deep and I had no trouble playing at the net because of the racquet’s great maneuverability. My favorite shot with the racquet I would have to say for sure was my serve. Every serve I hit with the Blade 98s felt great and I had no problems aiming exactly where I wanted to with it. I hit a pretty mean slice serve out wide from the ad side of the court and I had continued success with my favorite shot with this racquet. 


-Nathan Huggett


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