The Highest “High Five” of My Life by Raquel Pedraza

Roger Federer & Raquel Pedraza

Yes, that’s me high fiving the greatest man ever, Roger Federer!  When I first met Roger, I thought, “Wow!  This guy is a legend, he has won the most grand slam titles ever!”  It was thrilling to meet him.  Roger radiates confidence and he has a gift of sharing his enthusiasm for life.  Just being around him was fun, happy, and relaxing.  He truly cares about doing his best at whatever he does.  Working with Roger has taught me to be mindful and enjoy each moment life brings.  An awesome attitude towards life makes competing so much more rewarding.  I am so blessed to have met and worked with Roger, he has made a lasting impression upon me.    I appreciate all of his hard work and devotion to tennis and his passion for helping others all over the world.  He is an amazing human being!

Roger has a great sense of humor, he would crack jokes during takes and make everyone laugh.  When I was hitting swing volleys he would say, “Peg the boys!” and so I would go for Bryce and Bogdan and I hit one of them right in the hand, which was pretty funny.  Then Roger would give me a fist pump and then we would explode it.  Once I missed a swing volley and Roger was like, “No high five for that one!” and everyone would laugh.

The Wilson crew was so funny too!  I accidentally hit the camera man twice and so they brought out these huge 2x4s to hide themselves between the camera.  It was hilarious because I hit the camera man in the head.  Everyone was having fun on the set.

It seems as if that day with Roger was all a dream, but thankfully the awesome Wilson commercial keeps the dream alive.  Thank you Wilson for the incredible opportunity to be a part of your team!  Meeting Roger and everyone else at the shoot was an honor.  I love the passion and inspiration that goes into everything Wilson does!


Raquel Pedraza



One response to “The Highest “High Five” of My Life by Raquel Pedraza

  1. Arc. Abiodun Adepoju

    Humility and dexterity coupled with kindness make Roger a rare talent.

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