Ying Yang

Tatsuma Ito with the Wilson Steam & new Spring Apparel for Australian Open 2013

So it’s been a successful past couple of days, we were able to get some practice footage with Roger Federer, we shot Japanese player Tatsuma Ito for the new Wilson Tour Premium & Tour Standard tennis ball in Japan, Feliciano Lopez for a 2014 product that we are working on and we managed to also get some Vika practice stuff. All in all, a very productive.

So much has changed in the last few months, we really have a full team in marketing now. It’s pretty cool to have Robin shooting  great photos & videos, Lauren doing a fantastic job looking after our website and social media day to day and now I actually have a counter part! So my official title is Hardgoods Marketing Manager and our Softgoods Marketing Manager is Anna Guelzim…. She is the ying to my yang… she’s a ballerina, I am a tennis player, I’m tall, she is short, she is girly, I am a tomboy, I wear all black, she loves color, she can’t catch, just call me Victor Cruz,!! Hahaha

It’s great to have another person to bounce ideas of off and we are having a blast together while we are working. This is her first trip to Oz and so far so good…. she has gone through our rookie tour training, opening boxes (sometimes fitting in one), underlining player names and getting to know the ins and outs of tournament life.

It’s great to have the team in place and ready to keep elevating the brand.

Today we are shooting some more stuff with one of our young players from Latin America Paula Ormaechea and I will meet with Renaud about the photoshoot in Indian Wells in March… should be another good afternoon.

Until later,


Anna Guelzim stuck on a stoop... Had to help her down from this high place! :)

Anna Guelzim stuck on a stoop… Had to help her down from this high place! 🙂


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