Milos swinging his Wilson Blade 98 in Kooyong

Hey there,

Well, it’s 4am, I’m trying to catch up on emails and things that need to be attend to back in Chicago….we were going to have Robin write an entry on here, but he is slacking so you are stuck with me again! πŸ˜‰

It’s been an odd and challenging past couple of days and it seems like it will continue to get even more challenging…. oh where should I begin?! Well, let’s start with the fact that the tournament has now said that we cannot shoot our own players on site during practice! As you know, we have shot all our players the past couple of years and how a tournament thinks they are able to control ALL people from taking video on site, well that is just crazy…. they actually told us that if someone is to use an iphone video they would need a media sticker to be allowed to shoot video on site…. good luck with that one Oz!!!

Then there is the physical challenge…. Jacob was sick yesterday with fever, I have been having fever and stomach issues for 5 days and as Anna would say, “Having things depart” a bit quickly. LOL, then Robin got crazy sunburn from shooting Milos at Kooyong, cause a super pale guy from the UK shouldn’t use sunblock, right?! πŸ˜›Β  Needless to say, we are the walking wounded, but we keep plugging away!! haha

Then we have the challenges that we cannot really talk about super openly, but I will say, in the face of change it’s an opportunity for us to embrace the challenges that lay ahead and show what we are truly capable of…

As for the suite, we were bumpin yesterday, Kei Nishikori stopped by to grab some Luxilon 4G (that string is getting more and more popular with the players), talked Steam Spin rackets with Vika’s coach Sam, Melanie Oudin stopped by to get her apparel kit & Rush Pro’s and Polona Hercog picked up her gear as well.

One of the suite challenges is for us to keep “THE LOG”… we keep track of the items that players receive….. or at least, we try to keep track! I’m not sure who is worst on getting into the log, me or Clement…. probably me! haha

Another challenge? We have NO OVERGRIP!!! AHHHHH!!!! So we are hoping the rest of our shipment comes in today because players definitely take Pro Overgrip like candy…Hopefully customs let’s our stuff get here so our players kick butt!! πŸ™‚

So women’s qualies start today and we will be checking out our booth space for the tournament.

Until later,


Jacob and Clement hard at work

Jacob and Clement hard at work








One response to “Challenge

  1. Tracy,
    Great job. I am really glad so many players like the 4G and of course especially Kei.
    All the best there in Australia.
    Luxilon Industries nv

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