Wilson Changes The Game With “Spin Effect Technology”

Steam 99s & Steam 105s featuring Wilson's Spin Effect Technology

From wood, to graphite to oversized frames, tennis racket design has had clear transitions that shaped the game. Wilson Sporting Goods Co. is announcing the next milestone for 2013 with the launch of Spin Effect Technology™, its patent-pending racket technology dramatically increasing spin. It is the first racket system enabling players to add over 200 RPMs on their shots without needing to change their swing. Two new 2013 rackets, the Steam 99S™ and Steam 105S™, feature Spin Effect Technology.

“This racket design is a significant breakthrough,” said Jon Muir, general manager for Wilson Racquet Sports. “Our R&D and Product teams spent significant time testing, analyzing technologies and developing different racket designs that enhance spin and playability. We have something really special in the Steam 99S and Steam 105S. In the end, players will see their degree of spin increase. It is essentially the same as lowering the net by two inches and extending the court by a foot. The bottom line is that more shots make it over the net and stay in play.”

At its state-of-the-art Innovation Center, Wilson investigated the correlation between string pattern, racket design and spin, and is the only tennis brand to use proprietary monitoring technology to measure spin rotation, speed and height. Wilson discovered that fewer cross strings were a key driver of maximizing string movement along with faster snapback speed to generate more spin. This has resulted in a complete racket redesign that supports this new string pattern while enhancing overall playability as well. It is the first racket that provides up to 3.3 times more string movement and 69 percent faster snap back*, specifically engineered for this style of play.

The Steam 99S and Steam 105S with Spin Effect Technology use Amplifeel 360™, Wilson’s enhanced handle technology that provides a superior feel while dramatically increasing power.

“Today’s game has changed dramatically and is all about aggressive spin,” Muir continued. “Wilson continues to lead this evolution. This advancement will bring increased spin potential to a wider audience and will improve their game.”


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