My baby is all grown up!

Only fitting that Lauren's first photo on the blog as Wilson Digital Specialist is her Facebook profile photo!

Only fitting that Lauren’s first photo on the blog as Wilson Digital Specialist is her Facebook profile photo!

Hey there,

For the past four years, I gave birth, fed and raised Wilson Tennis’ social media to what it is today. This is the closest thing I will get to having a child for a while and now my baby is all grown up!! haha 🙂 It’s time for my baby to become more independent and have someone new in their life… someone else to be at the helm and elevate our social media to an even higher level.

Please welcome our new Wilson Digital Media Specialist, Lauren Adermann!!!!

A little background on Lauren: Lauren was born and raised in Illinois, played high school tennis before studying Public Relations & Communications at Illinois State University and most recently, worked for the famous Chicago Concert Hall, Metro before coming to Wilson.

I am extremely excited to have Lauren on the team to bring a fresh vibe to our team! Thought it would be a good idea to get to know her a bit more as she will be your day to day Wilson connection, so check out our quick Q and A with Lauren.

And remember, like every good parent, I will still be here in the wings, will chime in occasionally, watching over and here whenever needed!! Thank you to all of you, our Wilson peeps for helping me have a blast! 🙂

Please continue to be awesome to Lauren as you were to me and as always…….

Until later,


PS Nostalgia, one of the first videos I did included below 😛

Age? 29
Where did you grow up? Vandalia, IL
Where did you go to college? Illinois State University
What motivated you to take the job at Wilson? I’ve had my eye on Wilson since I was a kid. I love the brand and when I moved to Chicago and found out that Wilson was based here I made it a goal to somehow work for the company one day.
How old were you when you started to play tennis? 8
What was your most memorable tennis experience from your childhood? It’s debatable whether or not you consider this “childhood” but 17 year olds are still kids, so just go with it – My most memorable experience was the moment at sectionals where I made state. I immediately burst into tears of happiness. I also look back at all of the times my mom drive me to tennis lessons as a kid. It was a really special thing for me to have those moments with her. I could go on and on. Being involved in Tennis was no doubt one of the best things about my life growing up.
What is your best shot? My serve.
And your worst? Volleys for sure.
Who is your favorite tennis player? Growing up my fav was Sampras. Now I’m into Serena and Federer (and no, not just because they use Wilson tennis rackets!)
Twitter, Facebook or YouTube? Instagram!  
Favorite player to follow on social media? And why? @milosraonic  – He seems like a funny guy and always has interesting posts. He does a great job with his Twitter.
What makes you laugh? Tosh.0, cats being weird, toilet humor
What is your favorite part of working at Wilson so far? The people. I can’t tell you how pleasantly surprised I am at how wonderful my coworkers are. Not only are they helpful and nice, but they’re a lot of fun to be around!

One word to describe yourself. Since sound effects are hard to communicate via type, I’ll go with Quirky. 


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