Here’s to making every minute count!

Hey there,

So not much time to write, but want to say congrats to Roger Federer on 300 weeks at #1!! I am pretty certain that this record will hold for at least my lifetime… not sure what will happen first, Cubs win the World Series or someone beats Roger’s weeks at #1!! lol 

Since it’s Sunday night and still have a ton to do before AM, check out a little something I wrote for an upcoming book by Scoop M on Roger… pretty much sums up my thoughts on the greatest player ever.

Also a big congrats to Vika for continuing to kick a** with her Wilson Juice! 6 titles this year and still reigning #1, great job!

Until later,


Everyone knew that Roger Federer was special. It’s always a big question mark if someone will realize their true potential. Not only did Roger realize his potential, he exceeded everyone’s expectations and continues to amaze year after year. Just when everyone has already written him off, he reclaims the Wimby title and #1 ranking to set yet another record.
There has never been anyone in the game to set a standard so high ON and OFF the court.
My respect for Roger grew exponentially after seeing him do his media at prior to the start of Wimbledon. He’s defending champ and he looks relaxed and happy to engage in the interviews. He gives his undivided attention… in 5 different languages! You can tell he truly enjoys the entire process and looks like there is no other place that he would rather be than in tennis. Don’t really remember any former #1 players really putting in the time and effort he does. It’s really set an example for the Next Gen of players.
But probably the thing I get a kick out of most is watching players watch Roger practice. You never really see OTHER players just be in awe of other players… except when its Roger. And on top of that, players– his ‘peers’ want their own pictures with him. Maybe it’s how social media has changed the way we communicate… but you know history is being made when most of these ATP & WTA players are coming up to Roger like a fan to make sure they document it. You know they will say, “I was playing when”…

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