Believe in Hope

Hey there,

Well, it seems more and more difficult to try and make time in the schedule for everything, but I really do enjoy this part and want to try and keep things up to date….I find it rather therapeutic when there is so much going on, think this helps me try to keep perspective….

In the past couple of days, there have been very heavy things going on….It’s with a heavy heart that I write this entry….. as I just found out that two people from Kiwi, where I used to teach, recently passed away. RIP Wendell and Diane, you will definitely be missed…………On top of that, we must keep a very close Wilson family member in our prayers at this time…

Please understand this is by no intention to get preachy… just a bit reflective at this moment, but….Life really teaches us daily…. And right now, WE ALL MUST BELIEVE IN HOPE.

As you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month… what you may not know is that Wilson has donated over 2 MILLION dollars to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. And Wilson’s support of BCRF goes beyond October. Wilson will make the annual donation of $100,000 this year and will make an additional donation to BCRF through the purchase of Wilson HOPE products.

Through the month, you will see our ATP & WTA players showing their support for BCRF during Breast Cancer Awareness month by wearing PINK HOPE wristbands using HOPE vibrasorbs and HOPE bags through the month. (Look out for a sneak peak of a 2013 HOPE bag on our Wilson Exclusive ladies)

An interesting fact, breast cancer is second leading cause of cancer deaths in women…clearly this is an important and worthy cause, so PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT….GO PINK and BELIEVE IN HOPE!!!

Hope is such a great message for Breast Cancer Awareness month and beyond… And so for this entry, I leave you with a few of my favorite hope quotes and ask that you share this message of hope.

Thank you

Until later,


Hope itself is like a star- not to be seen in the sunshine of prosperity, and only to be discovered in the night of adversity – Charles H Spurgeon

Once you choose hope anything is possible – Christopher Reeve

Walk with hope in your heart and you shall never walk alone- Shah Rukh Khan

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer – Romans 12:12


2 responses to “Believe in Hope

  1. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the Dress in Pink Competition has already started! Wear Pink with your friends/family/colleagues and take a picture! Let’s have a crazy and colourful month! Cheese! Read more about the competition here: and join our event here:

  2. It’s by chance I’ve managed to stumble here and by chance that that I come to learn that October is Breast Cancer awareness month and to now know of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Though I don’t know anyone who may be suffering of afflicted with Breast Cancer I want to reach out now because as a man the pain and suffering of those who know Breast cancer is something I may never experience physically. However as a person like all people I know pain, weather physically or emotionally pain is something that hurts all the same and is something you can’t easily explain or understand very well unless it’s your own. To know pain and of those hurting can be the the same thing. Because Breast Cancer isn’t something that both genders suffer from equally it may be something that others can unconsciously distance their concern for, and for those who with Breast Cancer it can seem at times like sympathy isn’t what you want, or is either nowhere to be found. It is like you say because of the all details in all our lives ones perspective doesn’t extend much further than our own outlook we sometimes lose perspective of the world and all the people out there suffering. I myself have sometimes thought that in a world with 7 billion others there is only so much one person can do and from your point of view seems pointless to bother with what you don’t have to. For those who are hurting and fighting against “THIS” disease your struggle to battle against is a point of admiration, and the people who have raised their hand on your behalf. Your effort and strength when most would see any as pointless and for all of those struggling to bare it all as a person saying now along with all those out there who feel the same I deeply admire your courage and feel your effort and strength and feel that letting those struggling against disease despite pain going unnoticed would feel like injustice. There will always be things people misunderstand or see a certain way and because of this it’s a shame that you have to point out the reasons behind good intentions to those can’t know genuine words because they think kind words are meant for helping yourself and not truly to those who hear them. Offering support whenever and however you can even when you don’t have to, thinking that one person’s effort doesn’t matter when 7 billion might not the person who chooses to despite it making a difference can be appreciated anywhere because as people we all know what it’s like to struggle but to know you’re not alone even one person can help.

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