So much time, so little to do….Strike that, reverse it!

Hey there,

So much time, so little to do- Strike that, reverse it!

Ok, had to throw in a little Willy Wonka to make me feel better. 🙂

Would love to write more, but there is way too much happening here in Chicago trying to get things ready for 2013, so I am going to give you visuals and I promise to try and write more later.

Above is the Innovation Center video that we worked on in June/July before the US Open frenzy…. it’s really one of my favorite videos cause it highlights just how kick a** our R & D team and our tennis rackets really are. So much research and testing goes into each racket to make sure we are putting out the rackets that perform the best. MORE WIN.  And in case you haven’t seen the pattern in this video and the stringing video… I am digging the old school abstract!! 🙂 Great job to our friends Chris R, Chris D, Alejandro, Erica, Jared, Peg and all who made this video come to life!! Love working with you guys, Just Awesome!

And added GINORMOUS bonus, Roger Federer and team love it so much that they post it on his Facebook page!! SO PSYCHED!!

And congrats to our Next Gen’rs Samantha Crawford, Filip Peliwo, Kyle Edmund & Gabby Andrews on having a great US Open Juniors. MORE SWEEP for Wilson team!

Until later,


PS Pay close attention to the end of the video… might see something special for 2013 🙂


2 responses to “So much time, so little to do….Strike that, reverse it!

  1. Nice Blog and interesting video ! Saw a raquet with 16X15 pattern… hmmm interesting.

    I also saw a bench where the racket is molded. Is that actual production level or is this for prototype making ?

  2. Thanks for the compliment. It’s for prototypes

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