Like a forehand, low to high!!

Vika Azarenka w/ Juice vs. Serena Williams w/ Blade for the US Open title

Vika Azarenka w/ Juice vs. Serena Williams w/ Blade for the US Open title

So two days ago after feeling quite a low, and now a high…I’mmmmmmm baaaaaccckkk!! LOL

It was a great day for the Wilson team as Victoria Azarenka fought back to defeat Sharapova and Serena Williams took care of business with a straight set win against Errani to make it an all Wilson US Open Women’s final.

Vika was super impressive as Sharapova has been playing well all tournament, so to fight tooth and nail like that was awesome. Just shows where WILL and DESIRE can get you. After a long day on the court, Vika was nice enough to meet up with the winner of the Twitter contest Kylene Murray and her daughter Aya.
4 year old Aya might be the cutest kid I’ve ever seen and was so excited to meet Vika…she was very clear that “It’s not VIKA, it’s VICTORIA!” 🙂 So I was wrong, again… LOL To meet your first pro tennis player is always a treat for any aspiring player. For Aya to have the opportunity to meet and give Victoria a hug after a BIG semifinals win at a GRAND SLAM, get to go to the players lounge and run into Redfoo from LMFAO, well doesn’t get much better than that!!! Aya had a present for Victoria too, her gold medal that she won… very sweet!! There is nothing better than seeing a kid be psyched on tennis and just be a happy kid… makes all of it worth it!

Clearly the tournament is not over for team Wilson, we press on… and now it’s raining.. 😦 so it looks like another long day. Luckily for Robin and I, it is raining cause it gives us more time to prepare for whomever potentially wins the final. We have a couple of surprises lined up.. let’s hope we can get it done in time…
Good news is Robin and I have not killed each other YET…. we are almost there!! LOL I haven’t spent this much time consecutively with anyone outside my family and my first boyfriend… kinda wanted to keep it that way, but what we do for the brand!! haha All joking aside, Robin has done some great work these past few weeks and we just have 3-4 more things to finish off….glad to have him on the team.

Other than that, the best part of being in NY is getting to spend time with my Mom and my sister. As some of you may know, my sister Trina works for the USTA in Communications, so I get to see her in our ‘drive by’ hello moments between meetings and our work obligations. Trina was a great junior player and came back to the game in her business life and is doing some super fun things for the USTA. If you see the pieces with the chefs like Morimoto, David Burke & Chicago chef Tony Mantuano, that’s her thing… yeah, the foodie obsession runs in the family!! Totally jealous of that project for sure!!

Anyway, just a couple more days left…. better get back to work!

Until later,


Victoria Azarenka meets Twitter contest winners the Murray family. Check out little 4 year old Aya with Wilson junior tennis outfit and her junior Juice!

Tracy Almeda-Singian and Trina Singian



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