Behind, Behind the Scenes

Hello there,

Well, it’s been a few days and I have to say my discipline level with the blog might be at it’s lowest point in a long time. It’s been a long few weeks, a very productive few weeks, but filled with tons of emotion.  I can’t really get into depth right now, because quite frankly, I don’t want to start crying…. the last 24 hrs have been brutal….seeing friend and GREAT CHAMPION Andy Roddick play his last ball at US Open (more on that at a later date), Roger Federer takes a tough loss, my Giants losing to the Cowboys and the anniversary of my dad’s death nearing…. well, I am just a mess and my head is the furthest thing from clear…..

The point to me sharing this? Well, I have to say at this time, this is when I am thankful we have a kick a** team that we can count on when my brain is scrambled eggs…. I get to write, do videos and be rather public about my love for tennis, the Wilson team and everything we do….but there are the people who are BEHIND, BEHIND the Scenes that really make us tick.
Jeff, Heather, Greg, Stephen, David and Tim from our creative services team makes the stuff you see on our website, our web banners,  our print ads, Facebook covers and the Grand Slam posters/ wallpapers that everyone loves… and of course our racket cosmetics! Someone’s gotta make us look good!!! 🙂  Renaud, Jacob, Mario, Clement and Dianne from our Tour team makes sure that it gets to the players and shows the players to get their input and thumbs up. Bill, Bob, Ron, Joel, Brad, Bobby and our entire R & D Team who make the rackets so kick a** that almost 500 Grand Slams have been won with a Wilson racket. MORE SLAM titles than any other brand! Our product crew John, Evan, Chris R, Caroline and Chris K who make sure we have the best stuff available to you….and this doesn’t even include our marketing team and the great teams we have across the globe with Team EMEA, APAC and Latin America and our outside peeps who are definitely part of the brand …Honestly, I cannot name everyone who takes a part in making us cool as s**t 😉 but definitely want to recognize……. All the hard-work does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. You guys rock! Thank you TEAM WILSON!!!

Sooooo what you guys may not know is that when we have players go deep into the tournament, we work on getting everything ready to celebrate well prior to it actually happening. Special thanks to Jeff and his team and to Dianne for holding it down late night to make sure we are going to be ready for whatever may occur. ROCKSTARS!

Now it’s time to cross our fingers, root on Serena and Vika… and just wait and see if we have an all Wilson Women’s final! GO TEAM!

And Congrats to 2012 US Open Mixed Doubles Champions Wilson players Bruno Soares and Ekaterina Makarova!! Well done!

Until later,


PS The video above is yet another example of the commitment of our team’s commitment. Go Inside the Stringing Room… a unique take of course! 🙂

Ekaterina Makarove and Bruno Soares celebrate!!

Ekaterina Makarove and Bruno Soares celebrate!!


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