Action & HOPE

Philipp Kohlschreiber believes in HOPE

Philipp Kohlschreiber believes in HOPE

Hey there,

Well, it’s been a super long week filled with tons of shooting video, meetings with partners and agents…..we still have another week to go!!! I am not really sure where to start this blog as there has been TONS going on….  so I play it safe and let’s start with RF 🙂

Yesterday we met with Roger Federer’s agent Tony Godsick to review marketing for the GOAT for 2013 and it went well. One of the cool things that I have been doing is writing script ideas for potential tv ads. I have always written scripts but in the past it has been for me to film with a Flip Cam and now we are discussing about filming my scripts with the GREATEST EVER to play the game….Slight upgrade! 🙂 Tony loved the script and had positive things to say…. pretty cool that someone I have respected for so many years (known him since I was a kid) likes my work. I am so psyched at the idea that something I personally wrote  just may make tv….wow, THAT would be AMAZING.

So in addition, we have been also working on putting together our HOPE campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. What you may not know is that Wilson has donated over 2 million dollars to Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) and has been involved with the charitable foundation for over 10 years. To show our support, we will have our tour players using Wilson HOPE products through the month of October. Players like Feliciano Lopez and Philipp Kohlschreiber were so excited to start showing their support  of BCRF that they started wearing our pink HOPE wristbands here at the US Open!!!

We will make an official announcement later in the month, but pretty cool to already see players get behind it. It’s a great cause and we encourage everyone to join us in wearing pink HOPE through the month of October.

Other than that, juniors starts today and Laura Robson is looking to continue her great run as she takes on Stosur. As you know,part of the celebration of Laura’s success was I had to make a Gangnam style video, but it was way too crazy to put online… I tried to recreate the toilet part of the Gangnam style video and it might be just the most awkward and odd moment of shooting I’ve ever had…Robin, so sorry… lol …. So I showed it to Laura and she laughed, I think…it was super bad, but I thought that bathroom humor is always funny right?! 🙂

So since I cannot show you the Gangnam style video, I made a new Mercedes commercial with Roger Federer. Check it out 😉

Until later,



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  1. I like it..

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