Go Ninja Go Ninja GO!

Of course we need Wilson MORE WIN flags for our meeting!

Of course we need Wilson MORE WIN flags for our meeting!

Hey there,

Well, this has been the longest time I have gone without really doing any heavy lifting on social media EVER.

Thanks to that ‘little’ event in London and due to rules, we were not allowed to talk about our players, events and everything…. so I’ve had a 3 week Wilson social media vaca and officially I will get to speak about those results in three days… 🙂

For now, I will talk more about inside Wilson. So what you may or may not know is that my position has morphed to Wilson Tennis Hardgoods Marketing Manager. What does that mean? Well, it seems like I do everything I was doing before and A LOT of additional new stuff! haha All joking aside, I am learning new things and getting to be more ‘hands on’ with how we go to market to YOU, our players… my main focus is with tennis rackets and in a way, my job just kind of extended and grew wings…..I am working more on future stuff instead of the in the moment things… but because social media is so important, seems like this change helps everything be more cohesive.
The best part of this promotion is that I have had the opportunity to work more closely with the EVERYONE in the office. I’m loving not just being in my own world. Most of my communication in the past has purely been through the iPhone with Twitter and Facebook… that was my ‘sanity’!! 🙂 I’m enjoying the new gig, and soon we’ll see if the rest of the office does! They are definitely not used to having me around this much!!! haha

The change really has given me the opportunity to travel less and enjoy Chicago more both personally and professionally.

This past weekend was amazing. A few of us went to our first Comic Con on Friday and got some killer pictures with Storm Troopers, Spiderman, Penguin and more. Then Erika and I planned on paddle boarding yesterday, but it was too choppy and by chance we caught a Vanilla Ice concert and got a photo!! He actually took it with my phone cause I got too excited and deleted the original one I took… lol yes, I freaked out for Vanilla Ice as people do for Federer.. come on now,  Ice Ice Baby and Go Ninja were the best back in the day!! LOL

We have been working tirelessly to get things ready for our meeting which starts tomorrow. We just set up the stage tonight and I’ve been working on a few 2013 things that I am super psyched about…. I am especially motivated by the videos we did and I can only can hope that the US team thinks they are as good as we think it is!!

Ok, I am rambling cause I am super nervous and excited for our internal show…..

Fingers crossed and will write more tomorrow.

Until later,


PS. For those who always say I have the best job, well, now is your chance to work at Wilson and with me! BEWARE!! 😉 Click link for info on  Digital Specialist position

Yes, I geeked out at Chicago Comic Con. I LOVE STAR WARS

Yes, I geeked out at Chicago Comic Con. I LOVE STAR WARS

Erika Offerdahl, Tracy Almeda-Singian and Vanilla Ice!!

Erika Offerdahl, Tracy Almeda-Singian and Vanilla Ice!!




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