Dream date

Hey there,

It’s been a while! 🙂 We have been super busy here in Chicago, celebrating the great wins at Wimbledon for the Wilson team (6 titles!), preparing for US Open and 2013! It’s been uber hectic around the office but good things are happening and I have loved being here to enjoy the Chicago summer. There is definitely fun to be had in this city…(more on that at a later date!)

So onto the important stuff…. everyone has their dream date or their “free pass list” right?! Mine would be something like having dinner with Ryan Reynolds at Piccolo Sogno, sharing a spaghetti neri Lady and the Tramp sytle (he better give me the extra meatball or shrimp!) or surfing at home in Indialantic with Kelly Slater followed by a beach bonfire!! LOL

Well that’s my dream but for others, it is to meet some of the world best tennis players to have a hit and some fun conversation over lunch….. Hence, our Win a Date contest! So FINALLY, after our required legal checklist, we can announce the winners…

Drum roll please……………………..

So the winners to have a date with Feliciano Lopez and Petra Kvitova are……………… 

William Thach & Jennifer Ray!!!

Our sincerest congrats and look forward to meeting both of you!

So now in the next few days we will try to coordinate these wonderful peoples schedules to meet up with our players schedules… not easy! But we’ll get ‘er done!

Wilson Tennis, making dream dates come true!!! 😉

Until later,


PS You may want to check back on Monday, will have some cool stuff we will be putting on our website and social media pages. 🙂

Jennifer Ray will have a blast with Feliciano Lopez!!

William Thach is ready for his day in the sun with Petra Kvitova!!


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