Seize the moment

Lukas Rosol plays with the Wilson Six One 95 tennis racket

Lukas Rosol plays with the Wilson Six One 95 tennis racket

Well, it’s been the Wilson team taking out seeds thus far in the tournament and yesterday the tennis world got a HUGE shocker as our very own Lukas Rosol took down world #2 Rafeal Nadal!! Nadal is a great champion and had not lost in the 2nd round of a Slam since 2005! CRAZY streak…… We are all extremely excited to see Lukas have an amazing win like this. He is a great guy, always a joy to work with… so polite when he comes to the players suite and really genuine. Its nice to see him enjoy a big win like that. I mean, if you’re going to pull an upset, why not let it be on Center Court at Wimbledon, in the church of tennis?! Right?! πŸ™‚

The average tennis fan only knows who wins the tournament, but there are only a hand full or pro tennis players that experience that. There are hundreds of players at each Slam that have worked their entire life just for the CHANCE to PLAY on Center Court at Wimby…..much less beat the French Open champ and one of the best competitors that ever played the game!

Tennis is not an easy sport, it’s demanding on so many different levels….. we all have dreams of winning a Slam and seizing the moment on the big stage but only a few realize it. It’s a long and tough journey and once you get there, not everyone can handle the pressure moment well…. and the worst part? You don’t know until you actually step on the court and live it!

Stepping on Center Court is a completely different feeling than playing on Court 15…. Every player is working week in and week out just for that chance.

Lukas got his chance and was in the zone yesterday…. he was able to seize the moment in a big way. And it doesn’t stop, now the test becomes whether he can continue to elevate his game and go beyond A win.

Let’s hope this is a sign of even greater things to come…..

On the home front, it’s 3:30am here in Chicago and it’s been a weird few days, I’m up cause I had a coughing fit that made me puke (sorry too much detail!) and I was up early yesterday to make sure Robin and I were on the same page on what we needed to capture with our Next Gen players and juniors to support 2013 products. Yes, if you were at Roehampton yesterday, you may have caught a glimpse of some cool new s**t!! πŸ˜‰

It’s a new experience for me not to be there every second for the social media and Next Gen stuff…. those have been my babies for the past 4 years!!! …..and it’s gonna take some getting used to…. Seems like my responsibilities are expanding a bit here at Wilson, which will have me doing a bit less of this…..More about that in another entry…..

Today I will be at the Innovation Center playing with some ‘toys’ and prepping some more stuff for 2013! πŸ™‚

Until later,


Wilson Innovation Center in Chicago…. Where the cool s**t starts!! πŸ™‚


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