It’s about that time!!!! Wimby, here we go!!

Jimmy Wang swinging the Wilson Blade on the courts at Roehampton and into the main draw

Jimmy Wang swinging the Wilson Blade on the courts at Roehampton and into the main draw

Hey all!!

Did you miss me?! Ok, probably not, but it was worth asking right?! 😉

So the last couple of weeks while the players made the quick transition from clay to grass, I have been home in Chicago, transitioning from sprinting around the grounds to sitting at my cubicle!! haha

One of the toughest transitions in tennis is this time of year from clay to grass and this year is particularly tough/weird in schedule as the players will be coming back to the All England Club a month later for Olympics. Clay to grass to hard or clay and then back to grass?! WTF?!

The court changes and the scheduling is really not easy for the players this year, but it just shows what representing your country means to any athlete.

Everyone respects and honors the history of Wimbledon and now with Olympics being at AEL, well I think everyone wants to make sure their game is as solid as can be on the grass…. who ever thought that Wimbledon COULD be considered a ‘warm up’ event for another tournament?!

So here we go, it’s Wimby time… and first, let’s say congrats to our Wilson players who won 3 matches in qualifying to get to the main draw!!! Tip your hat to these players, who played in the goat pasture/tennis courts of Roehampton to get to the big show of the All England Club. (The only Slam not to have qualies at the actual courts)

Kristina Mladenovic- Wilson Steam
Maria Camerin – Wilson Blade 98 Pink

Jimmy Wang- Wilson Blade 98
Guillaume Rufin- Wilson Blade 98
Andrey Kuznetsov- Wilson Blade 98
Adrian Menendez- Macerias: Wilson Exclusive: Wilson Juice
Kenny De Schepper- Wilson Blade 98

I will not be heading to England, I will be staying here in Chicago to work on 2013 and enjoy the Chicago summer!!! Tour boys head over the pond, so stay tuned  for some more fun stuff 🙂

Until later,


Wilson HQ in Chicago

Wilson HQ in Chicago



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