Getting to know Wilson Next Gen’r Jessica Pegula

Jessie Pegula plays with the Wilson Tour

Young American Jessica ‘Jessie’ Pegula continues to rise, reaching the finals of the $50,000 in Sacramento & the semifinals of $100,000 in Marseille to reach a career high #209 in the rankings this week. Using her Wilson Tour tennis racket, Jessie is a player to keep an eye on. Check out this short interview and hear what’s on her iPod playlist.

For Jessica’s playlist, click here

Favorite quote: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” – Wayne Gretsky

Craziest tennis moment:  Probably making 3rd round of the US Open doubles last year with Taylor Townsend. It was sort of a shock to me since I never considered myself an even average doubles player. It was definitely cool but if you ask anyone that worked with me previously, me making it that far in doubles is almost laughable. But it gave me a ton of confidence and now I’m almost top 100!

Stanley Cup or US Open trophy:  Both!

One word to describe your personal style:  Laid back

One word to describe your Wilson racquet: The best! I love it. It endures my racquet throws pretty well too. Kidding.

Top 5 songs to listen to before a match: Honestly I don’t really listen to music much before a match. So here’s what I do like

1. Anything Skrillex
2.  Anything Sammy Adams or Mac Miller.
3. Anything Luke Bryan.


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