Roger Federer reaches up for an overhead with his Wilson Pro Staff tennis racket

Roger Federer reaches up for an overhead with his Wilson Pro Staff tennis racket

I am going to start this post out with some cheese……..

Tennis is a battle, a one on one war, mano e mano combat…..

There is something so special about the fight, the guts, the heart you have to find that only tennis brings out of you, physically and emotionally… your insides are tested on the biggest stages, in front of hundreds of thousands, millions watching, in the biggest moments… RESPECT IT…. these players are great.

Roger Federer showed the heart of a true champion today… everyone was counting him out after losing the first two sets, saying he hasn’t been in good form, he’s a step slow, blah blah blah… I really love every time he proves all the critics wrong and elevates his game and makes all of us remember once again why he is probably the greatest to ever play the game.

Unfortunately, it came at the expense of another Wilson player Juan Martin Del Potro, but it really is awesome to see Roger use his Pro Staff racket to once again reach the semis of a Slam and continue to do his thing. How do you know that Roger is beyond even the most gifted tennis players? Well, when you are in the players lounge and you see other players asking him for a photo and everyone is just a bit in awe watching his practice…. well, that’s pretty d**n special.  You don’t see players watching other players practicing in their spare time… except when Roger is practicing…I think people across the globe are hoping he can get at least one more Slam under his belt and of course, the Olympic gold.

It’s a big year for him and all our players and it’s a blast watching them fight for the big moments.

On a less intense note, check out Next Gen’r Vasek Pospisil’s Inside the Life from Paris. The young Canadian has a really nice complete game, a good all courter and also side note, he’s got former Wilson player Frederic Niemeyer as his coach, so he’s in good hands. It will be fun watching him develop from good and see if he can fight to become great…

Cheers to tennis and what it reveals!! 🙂

Until later,



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