Although I am a Libra, balance is not something I do very well….heck, it’s 5am in the morning and I am writing a bloody blog!!!  ;P But sometimes we find balance, we find a way because there are events in our lives that change our views, our opinions, the way we live, etc… and that for me was Sept. 11, 2010, when my father passed from Pancreatic Cancer. Nothing is more difficult to deal with then the loss of a loved one and part of my healing process was to listen to my fathers advice and find a way to try and enjoy the great blessings we are given each day…….

I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to have great family, friends and a fun job that allows me to be around the sport I love and provides a platform that allows me to talk about the things I am passionate about… 

You may not know that pancreatic cancer is the nation’s fourth leading cause of cancer deaths, yet only 2% of all federal cancer research funding goes to pancreatic cancer. Research holds the key to finding better treatments and a cure, so that is why I am running the Dash for Detection in support of Pancreatic Cancer research, benefiting the Michael Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation and The Lustgarten Foundation this Saturday in Chicago.  Please support my run by clicking & donating here

So now back to the tennis talk!! 🙂  Yesterday we had a blast. I have to say I was super skeptical about our ‘protest’ to keep the Wilson Juice & Steam legal, but it actually turned out great!! It was super fun working with our Wilson France team…. We had Henri Leconte walk the streets of Paris with us, we had Paul Henri Mathieu stop by just before we started and then we had Anne Keothavong in a car thinking there was a serious protest going only to realize it was crazy Wilson!!! lol Check out the video. Test- can you tell what is shot with a professional camera and what clips are shot with the iPhone?! D**n iPhone shooting is more solid than you think!!

And after that it was a day of editing for Robin and I…. it’s great to have someone who edits much better than I do and now I focus on music for the videos!! lol It’s fun, but also not that easy since we make sure we use ‘street legal’ music so not to deal with royalties… so this makes Garage Band key!!!  DJ TSing in da house!! haha

In addition to the protest video, we also got a great video with Robert Lindstedt & Horia Tecau…. all I have to say is that these guys are hilarious and they took the concept to the next level!! I would like to take credit for the humor in it, but it was all them… gotta love guys who are willing to do anything for Wilson!! hahaha

So I gotta rap this blog up cause I have to pack…….

This trip from Rome-Florence-Vevey-Paris has been amazing both professionally and personally, but now it’s time for me to shift gears……

Back to Chicago this AM,

Until later,



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