Eye Candy/Talent & Cougars

So it’s not an easy job but somebody’s gotta do it!!!. Yesterday was a fun day for me at the suite, there was a lot of…… well, how do we say it?!……TALENT… that came around….lol…….. I am not opposed to many good looking guys coming by the suite, being super nice and friendly…. so I just admire the view….Lukas Rosol, Joao Sousa, Horia Tecau, Robert Lindstedt, Feliciano Lopez & Eduardo Schwank all stopped by yesterday….. eye candy to the max…… it may have been the best looking day thus far 😉 All great guys, but think I am old enough to be their cougar!!! lol

Actually, one of the most frequent questions I get asked is: Which player would you date?

Well for the Wilson tour team, we have a policy that you do not date players or industry people….. This is important because tennis is sooooo small and as much as we (I) joke about the looks/talent, we really keep everything separated and professional. Not sure other brands are as serious as we are on this, but because tennis is so small, we all travel so much and are around the same people week after week, this is not an option…. what’s that saying? Don’t dip your pen in the company ink?!

Tennis is a company/small industry and definitely have to keep it kosher…..but think about the tennis players growing up on the road… it’s really not easy… Serious jr tennis players and pros leave their families and friends and are gone for 25+ weeks a year….Tennis is super international which makes it fun to experience all the different cultures, etc., but it can also reek havoc on your personal life……being gone more than 50% of the year, doesn’t really make a great base for a stable relationship….. in a new country every week, just trying to keep in contact with your loved ones via text, Skype, etc……you can never really replace one on one face time….. and if you told me 10 yrs ago when I retired from playing that I would be back on the road,with the same tennis traveling circus, I would’ve laughed in your face…  guess just like anything, it has its positives and it’s negatives! 😛

So since we are on the dating theme for this entry, check out this fun video we shot with Alexandr Dolgopolov proposing to his…. well, you’ll see!!! 🙂

Will write more on this vid and our vid of our players who fought through the qualifying to make the main draw later, but gotta go get ready….today is the first day of main draw so it will be a long day at the courts….. 3 hrs of sleep total, but I am raring to go!!


Until later,


Joao Sousa, Jacob Martin & Lukas Rosol at the Wilson suite in Paris

Joao Sousa, Jacob Martin & Lukas Rosol at the Wilson suite in Paris


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