Next Gen, Bdays & Social Media blabber

Wilson Team: Robin Fenlon, Jacob Martin & Mario Vergara

Wilson Team: Robin Fenlon, Jacob Martin & Mario Vergara


Hey there!!!
Well, yesterday was the first day of qualifying at Roland Garros and it was a big day… especially cause it was Mario’s birthday! 🙂  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIO!!!

Not sure how important birthdays are to you, but in my mind, they are always important and need to be MEGA memorable. lol  Well, not sure we could top Mario’s celebration for his 30th last year, but we tried our best to make it a fun one…..When you travel so much for work/tennis, you are hardly ever home to celebrate the special occasions with your closest friends, family and all the people you love…  not easy….. our solution last night? Have a great meal and some laughs! 🙂

So  now back to the work talk….the qualies started with the guys yesterday and we had a lot of Next Gen players in action. This is my favorite part of the tournament, watching the up and comers, grind and fight their way. There is something more raw about the fight to get to the top, before they are stars. Don’t think a lot of people realize how many matches you have to win in a lifetime to even reach the Top 200….. Next Gen’rs Filip Krajinovic, David Goffin and Andrey Kuznetsov won which was awesome and today, the girls start.

Yesterday, we were able to get some solid footage with our players…, when I look back to 4 years ago when I started our social media, it was just me shooting video & photo with my little Sony digital camera,  just coming up with random ideas and no one quite understanding, getting blank looks at meetings & people wondering why I have a job (ha!)…. And now, everyone is sooooo into it… everyone/all brands have a Facebook pages, most have social media teams, tweeting is a common term, all marketing groups call themselves ‘digital agencies’ and everyone thinks they are a social media expert….. Let me say that there is NO such thing!!!! The way we communicate today, may not be the way we communicate 3 days from now….. 

It was easier in the ‘good ol days’ when people considered social media an experiment, but now everyone weighs in….. I could go on about this for ages… but let’s just say it’ll be extremely interesting to see where social media evolves and shifts to next…..

Today will be a hectic one, we have many of our Next Gen women in action: Ajla Tomlanjovic, Lauren Davis, Elina Svitolina, and many more….and we will try to get some cool stuff with our Wilson Exclusive athletes too….. let’s hope for a warmer Wednesday!!! 🙂

Until later,


Filip Krajinovic plays with the Wilson Blade 98 tennis racket

Filip Krajinovic plays with the Wilson Blade 98 tennis racket

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