Déjà vu

No, it's not Federer, it's Singian! :) Wilson Tennis Bag in tow around Europe

Wilson Tennis Bag in tow around Europe

Hey there,

Well, it’s Saturday and since we were in Rome through Wednesday, we decided that it would be best for me to stay in Europe through to Paris. It would be kinda of silly to go back to the US for 3 days, then fly back to work RG. The additional jet lag and costs, just didn’t make sense…. So these past few days have been an opportunity for me to catch up on work emails and more importantly, see & catch up with friends…..

One of the great things from playing pro tennis is the great people you meet on the road and through your travels. Most of my closest friends and the most interesting relationships I have, have been created through my travels.

One of the negatives about traveling is well, THE TRAVELING!!! Being in a different place every couple of days, waking up not knowing where you are, lugging your bags on and off trains, nomad life style is not so great.

So it’s been a bit of déjà vu for me, really….. I went from Rome to Florence with my 3 massive bags… one of which is the massive Wilson tennis bag… carrying a tennis bag around Europe when I’m 32 and flabby, kinda weird really….No, it’s not Roger Federer on the train to Florence, it’s Tracy Almeda-Singian! hahaha 😉

Florence was amazing. I saw my friend Andrea (who I met through Massimo yrs ago) and had a blast. Florence is beautiful and to enjoy a city without having to worry about being in perfect physical condition and a focused mind frame, well it was quite nice really….. One thing a lot of people don’t understand is that when you are playing tournaments, you NEVER see the sites of the city… you are so focused on the task (winning) that you isolate yourself from distractions. Not this time though, I was SUPER distracted!! haha I ate, I drank and I played!! 🙂 We managed to hit the tennis courts after 3 hrs of sleep and let’s just say it wasn’t pretty, but it was awesome to get on the court after 4 months of no hitting.

So after some fun in Florence, I headed towards Switzerland to see my friend, my Crasian sista Meilen Tu. Meilen was a very good player and now one of the top agents in the business. It’s funny, we weren’t that close when we played (she was much better than I and in main draw of most, when I was playing qualies) but there are not many females/former players/minorities that are in this side of business…. it’s fair to say that its a bonding point… oh yeah and we like to both are foodies and love to have a blast!! ;P

Yesterday we hit tennis balls, ‘attempted’ to do cross court down the lines and tried to drill like we were back on tour….. and now, I can barely type this blog…… it was good fun!!! 🙂

After two days in a row of tennis with the memory of what was, onto Paris tomorrow, Wilson bags ready to go…..

Until later,


Wilson Tennis Bags travel

Wilson Tennis Bags travel


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