Eat, Pray, TENNIS?!

St.Peter's Square

St.Peter’s Square

So it’s been a while since I wrote a blog and of course, what is a Singian blog if it’s not written at 2am?! 😉

I arrived in Rome today in preparation for a photoshoot with some of our players: Milos Raonic, Vika Azarenka, Petra Kvitova, Feliciano Lopez, Alexandr Dolgopolov and more. This is the first time I am in Rome since I stopped playing on tour over 10 years ago. It totally different to come here working for Wilson, then when I played.  When I was a youngin player, I felt tons of pressure to win so I could eat, I stayed in super sketchy hotels where there was no AC and had little creature friends aka bed bugs in my hotel room to keep me company….. now, I come here and the only adrenaline fix I get is from eating a good meal and increasing the muffin top!! haha

Today, I had literally two hours to play tourist before meeting our team to go over details and so I decided to go to the Vatican. Now this is super embarrassing, but I have probably been to Italy 9 or 10 times and had never been before. When you are a player all you see is the hotel and the courts… All I have to say was it was AMAZING!! I wish I had more time to explore, but I did get some prayers in and then headed to meet our director Steve and crew for dinner. Dinner was an experience as well…Steve is a vegan and I don’t think that is a common thing in Europe, the waiters seemed quite confused… best way to describe it as a culinary challenge and I love trying to figure out something people will enjoy!!

And how do you know you spend too much time in Italian restaurants? When you can read the menu in Italian and you don’t speak a lick of Italian!! That’s me!! 🙂

So I prayed, I ate and… the love?! Well, that’s not my strong suit, so let’s replace it with tons of tennis!! 🙂

Tomorrow we are going to shoot at Tennis Parioli, the practice site for the Italian Open and will try to get some footage of our Next Gen players that are in qualies. We will be at the courts for the next few days and Michele from Wilson Team Italy will be our guide. We are going to shoot some 2013 tennis gear, get up close and personal with the players and give you guys fun stuff to watch….. 🙂

That’s all I can tell you right now, but think it will be great to have the opportunity to show our players in a different way….we now have a good game plan and now we just hope for great weather!!

Until later,



One response to “Eat, Pray, TENNIS?!

  1. Roma, Bellisimo, Roma….bene con un Romano. Great blurs, Good Luck, you will kill it!

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