Wilson Team Effort Brings the Funny

So I finally can go into depth on officially my favorite Wilson video I have done thus far!! 🙂

This Wilson Steam video is based on all those learning center ads you see on tv for the kids that are struggling at school and the learning center helps them get the best out of themselves.. blah blah blah.

It is my favorite piece we have done so far, the acting is so good that some of the feedback so far has been that people think we are being serious!! It’s a dramedy people!!! haha  Although I do think every junior tennis player has gone through these type of conversations with their parents after a tough loss though, right?!  😉

So how did we end up there?! So while I definitely had the Juice infomercial locked and loaded, I knew I needed something for Steam. After discussing my favorite informercials with Kari Brown, GM Jon Muir’s assistant (who has the great challenge of sitting accross from me daily) brings up a local ad that we see on tv often. The acting was so over the top awesome that we had to make it our own.

That’s what I love about this video, it was not just my idea…. so many people were involved and I feel lucky to work with so many cool and creative people!! We had Mario helped bring in some players, our juniors Gabby Andrews and Bryce Pereira, their fathers, mothers, coaches, aunts and uncles play the parents, my friend Brandis and her student Joe (he’s the kids that promises to try harder), Kei Nishikori makes an appearance, Robin behind the camera, cleaning the edits and then we had US Sales Manager Jeffery Adams do the voiceover! lol  Now for those of you who don’t know Jeffery, to have him talk as fast as he could during the “paid advertisement” part was the best part! It was definitely out of his comfort zone, but he did an amazing job! We did all his voiceovers in the IW hotel room and it looked weird with 3 of us sitting there, but it was super effective!! You guys have to pay attention to the great words he is saying UBER fast… someone very funny wrote it 😉  

Also, wanted to recognize a great addition to the Wilson team, Robin Fenlon. He has been our digital videographer on the videos you saw from Indian Wells through now. He is  amazing fun to work with…. just by chance I met him through a friend and he has been a great asset to our social media and instrumental in making the scripts that I have had on the pages for a while  come alive!! Psyched to work with him… and even more psyched about what we have planned Roland Garros… can’t wait to share it with you guys!!!

Until later,


Jeffery Adams working the mic for Wilson vid!

Jeffery Adams working the mic for Wilson vid!

Robin doin work



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