Well, one thing that every tennis player has is an EXTREMELY competitive nature……That is part of the make-up of players and what makes pro athletes special and helps them push the envelope and accomplish things very few get to.

Victoria Azarenka has been competing at the top level this year, going undefeated since switching to the Wilson Juice tennis racket and showed an incredible amount of heart tonight coming from behind to defeat Cibulkova in three sets… Grigor Dimitrov completed his first win over a Top 10 player yesterday against, Berdych showing that he really has the heart and talent to play at the highest level.

We can only imagine the type of pressure that they feel when they step on the court, trying to control expectations and just play their game…. it’s not an easy thing. The thing I love about these two players is yes, they are ANIMALS on the court, but they still know how to have a good time and show their personality. Vika and Grigor are two funny people, who are a BLAST to be around…. It’s great for the sport and for us at Wilson….to have two really dynamic people on the team is MEGA. It really shows on camera and in the videos we do,ย  just how cool they all are and that they are people you would want to hang with for sure.

Kinda weird and ironic is that the fun part we do with our players, showing their personalities on video, thatย  is the competitive part for me and where I am super competitive….
Yes, I want our videos to be the most viewed and the most loved.ย  I want tennis players of all ages to like and pass along our vids to their dubs partners, everyone they know etc…. that’s how I can measure my success….

The past four years we have led the tennis brands in social media, but now it’s seriously getting competitive… hats off to our competitors for stepping up their games these past few months and now I have my hands full!!! And it’s getting interesting. ๐Ÿ™‚

Do I want to do the best I can for Wilson? YES. Do we want to be the most engaging? YES.ย  Do we want to make you smile? YES. Do we want you to love Wilson? YES!!!!

I get to be competitive about FUN and LOVE everyday….hahahaha…. so here are the latest videos we hope you LOVE to enjoy and share!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Until later,





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