One Step Closer

Yesterday was an extremely successful day.We shot 30 seconds with Kei and now we are one step closer to getting the Steam video completed SO PSYCHED!!! I really hope that everyone finds these next few videos as funny as we do.

In the past I have shot and edited all our social media videos myself (could you tell?!) and now we have invested in some help to bring the quality up and give me the opportunity to also do some more intricate videos. Robin Fenlon a cool short man from England has been helping me this week and it’s been a blast. It’s always great to work with people you can laugh with and that have or at least get, your sense of humor. Looks like we will be doing a few less videos for the next few, but hopefully the content of these videos will be stuff that tennis fans will enjoy even more.

You guys will get to see some of the players act, goof off a bit and of course, as part of anything I do, there will be some queso aka cheesiness involved. πŸ™‚

And after saying that, make sure you check out the video below with Grigor and Alex. These two dudes are awesome and we had a blast shooting this. There are so many funny bits that weren’t used, I’m thinking we may need to do an outtakes too…..

I hope you like it and look forward to showing you some more fun stuff in the days to come.

Today, it’s back to the grindstone, doesn’t look like I will go on site today, we are in the editing room aka my hotel room.

Until later,


Robin Fenlon, Grigor Dimitrov, Tracy Almeda-Singian and Alexandr Dolgopolov

Robin Fenlon, Grigor Dimitrov, Tracy Almeda-Singian and Alexandr Dolgopolov

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