Did you notice I was gone?! ;)

Grigor Dimitrov and Alexandr Dolgopolov

Grigor Dimitrov and Alexandr Dolgopolov

So not sure if you noticed, but Wilson’s social media was probably the most quiet it has been EVER yesterday as I was completely incapacitated…

I am sure you have heard that there is some nasty virus here in the desert that has hit 6 players, 20 ball kids and of course… yours truly. It started as a fever, then chills, then well, I spent all night in the bathroom. It’s pretty sad when you give up and decide to bring your pillow into the bathroom to sleep on the floor between vomits…. so enough gory details onto more fun subjects! ๐Ÿ™‚

The day before yesterday was an extremely busy day of editing the video we shot in Newport Beach, doing voiceovers with Jeffery Adams, followed by autograph sessions with Alexandr Dolgopolov and Feliciano Lopez. In addition to having Alex’s autograph session, we also did some fun video with him and Grigor Dimitrov. These guys are so rad, they are so much fun, we were laughing the whole time. When I see the players having a good time with the crazy things I ask them to do, I love it! It really makes me happy…..Grigor and Alex are really great for the game and I hope they keep moving up in the rankings. Stay tuned for those videos in the next couple of days.

It’s really been a successful trip so far, I’ve gotten most of the things we needed done. The photoshoots, all the autographed rackets, WTA contests and all the autograph sessions we had scheduled except for Pennetta’s…….

Today, we are still editing the videos… what seemed like a simple idea is ending up being a real bugger…. it’s taking more than triple the time to edit than we thought it would…. let’s pray it’s worth it. Hopefully it becomes a great video for Juice, because right now it’s tough to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Gotta get back to final cut…….

Until later,


Feliciano Lopez autograph session

Feliciano Lopez autograph session

This is the little cutie that got her American Girl doll signed by Roger Federer!! too cute!!

This is the little cutie that got her American Girl doll signed by Roger Federer!! Too cute!!




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