G-L-A-M-O- NO!!!!!

Robert Lindstedt and Horia Tecau hitting with fans... yes, that is me in the background, feeding balls in little Gucci heelsImage

Good morning….. so here we go, I have been on the road for a week and I can feel myself getting sick…. this is par for the course, when we get most of the heavy lifting done, the body starts to shut down…..

So everyone thinks that this job is uber glamourus and I can assure you that no job is always shiny and bedazzled out!! lol The not so fun part of social media is that it’s 24 hours a day and never ends. There is always questions or responses needed..- not so glam…. with my tour responsiblities, getting rackets signed in a parking lot- not so glam…. we are always still arranging the appearances at 8 or 9pm at night… not so glam…. The schedule always comes out late and then we have to make all the phone calls with the tournament to agent to player to retailer…. So there is never really a dinner that I don’t leave the table to make phone calls…..not so glam…. I am just super lucky to have friends that are super understanding. 

After saying that, the best part of my job is getting to see the results of the time we put in…. Seeing kids trying their darndest to impress Horia and Robert as they hit- AWESOME, hearing the screeching of Roger’s fans- SCARY BUT GOOD, having players enjoy & truly have fun doing the crazy skits and ideas I have MAKES ME SMILE…. and even cooler was meeting a twitter follower yesterday! YEAH!! Occassionally, I get to meet the great people that follow us religiously and make our brand what it is…. some serious tennis players that really love the game!!

Yesterday, I met Cris T, who puts out some great tweets regularly… she was super nice and sweet and it’s awesome to meet people who love Wilson. Chris and the people I meet on the road that are Wilson loyal and part of the Wilson family, THAT’S what makes the insomnia worth it! lol

Anyway, so today is probably the last day I have to really have to push through the chaos…. breakfast meeting on some social media stuff with a 3rd party dude, going to get Wilson National Sales Manager Jeffery Adams to do some voiceover for the Juice vid, Feli Lopez will do a bag check, Dolgo will do an autograph session and a video with Grigor Dimitrov, then have to finally try to sit down and get the Juice video we shot last week edited… it really is so cool, I want to get it out now!! lol

Well, I am going to… oh another great part of social media… I am typing this from bed!!! haha

Time to get up and do work!! 🙂

Until later,


1st photo: Robert Lindstedt and Horia Tecau hitting with fans… yes, that is me in the background, feeding balls in little Gucci heels

2nd photo: Cutie Wilson jr players getting ready to hit with Horia and Robert

video: shot this a couple days ago with WTA… I wrote the script.. aka the QUESO… not sure if everyone gets the humor and that they are supposed to over act but hope people like it… Vika and Petra are really awesome people



One response to “G-L-A-M-O- NO!!!!!

  1. wilson’s racket is the best

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