Federer mania in Indian Wells for sure

Milos Raonic at Pete Carlson's Golf & Tennis Shop

Ok, yesterday was ok with an autograph session with Milos Raonic at Pete Carlson’s Golf & Tennis… but  today will hopefully be even better…. think it’s a big day… Roger Federer will be signing autographs today for Wilson at the Tennis Warehouse tent at 4pm and it will be chaos for sure. This is when I get to play security and have to be the person everyone hates as they try to get closer to the player, talk to the player about their neighbor who just loves him and has a shrine in his house, ask him about his kids, blah blah blah…. So I play the hardcore b***h so the player doesn’t have to deal with telling someone OK ALREADY!! hahaha….

In addition, I will be chasing players down trying to get bag checks for Tennis Channel and also we will be doing a short video with Vika Azarenka and Petra Kvitova. This is going to be a cool thing we are doing in partnership with the WTA…. can’t tell you exactly what it is yet… but should be fun. We are going to do that just before they play doubles later today.

Let’s see how it goes….

Until later,


2 responses to “Federer mania in Indian Wells for sure

    How's the title relevant to the picture/content!?

    Last time I bother click on a Wilson link.
    Thank you!

  2. openparktennis

    Go Roger, another title!!

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