Ice Cream Showers- G’Day 14- 2012 Australian Open

Tracy Almeda-Singian and Mario Vergara

We gonna make you sweat, a night you won’t forget, are you ready for.. Ice cream showers, Ice Cream showers… lol ok, it really is Champagne Showers by LMFAO but ice cream is more important to the Wilson Tour Team than champagne!!! At least, most nights! 🙂

As you know, I am one for traditions and rituals, so yesterday we did our Slam tradition of getting our ice cream after teardown. This was someting that we started when Massimo was the director and I joined the team. Both him and I go crazy for ice cream and it is definitely the light at the end of the tunnel when you are in deep in boxes and counting string, bras, shirts, shorts and everything. There are a lot of fun parts of our jobs, more than the average bear, but counting strings and separating apparel are probably the most unenjoyable things to do, EVER. And ice cream is definitely the best motivation to get through it.

So we made it through another year of player services at a Slam and for some reason, this Australian Open was busier than years past… we did get most of the work we wanted done and had some fun in the process.

We will be on site today for some final videos, but this is officially my last blog for the 2012 Australian Open…

14 videos, 14 blog entries, 1 busted printer (Clement), 1 pair of sunglasses broken, 1 lost camera cover, countless Facebook updates & Tweets and Blackberry in tact…  2012 Australian is a wrap!!

Hopefully, you enjoyed the insights to the Wilson team and our experiences on the road.

Until Paris, Ciao….


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