Can I get a….. – G’Day 12- 2012 Australian Open


In the words of Jay Z, can I get a what what?! (Well, that’s the clean version!)…..

Sometimes when you take risks it pays off and when you sign players, it’s very much a gamble. Every company in the biz is searching for the next Federer or next Serena that will help them push the envelope and really be able to show that not only are the products the best quality, but they are cool as s**t and the best players want to play with them.

We definitely want to be and ARE living proof that our products perform at the top levels for the best players in the world. It’s something we take pride in.

Most recently, we signed Feliciano Lopez to represent us head to toe. Feli has been a long time Wilson racket guy and loves the brand, so it really was a natural fit. He is one of the most stylish and detailed guys out there, so it REALLY speaks highly for our tennis apparel and shoes. On top of that, he is playing some of his best tennis this week and it’s making people really pay attention to our threads. We are serious about how good our clothes are and having Feli beat Isner and now he will take on Nadal in our gear from head to toe and get great coverage on tv…… well, that’s just good s**t! 😉

On top of that, Nicolas Mahut is not wearing the Tour Ikon shoes and speaks so highly of our sneakers, he was talking to Michael Llodra about the Ikons and now Michael practiced with them, loved them and passed by the suite to talk about playing with them in his match today… wow, that’s amazing.

The newest member of our team Vika Azarenka is using the brand new Wilson Juice and looks in great form and she is killin the ball.

Trust that players HATE change, so if they make a switch and want to switch to a different racket or shoe, it’s because they think it enhances their play.

This week, we are off to a good start….. well let’s just say, so far so good and we are proud of where we are at in this moment…. GO WILSON TEAM!

Until later,


ps Yes, it’s 3am and I am writing this… sleeping issues continue!!!


Renaud Vallon and Michael Llodra at the Wilson Players Suite



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