What time is it? Where am I? – G’day 9- 2012 Australian Open

Vika Azarenka at the Wilson Tennis booth at Australian Open

So it’s 4:30am here and I messed up big time…. supposed to have a call with my boss Mike Steck and out team in Chicago about possible videos for the remainder of the year. It’s always tough with the time change and especially when I get the complete wrong day!! lol So 24 hrs too early for that talk and here I am writing the blog on 3 hrs of sleep….

Yesterday was a very busy day with some great results for the team, we had Sorana Cirstea get a big win over Stosur, Petra Kvitova won, our Next Gen player from Australia James Duckworth got his 1st Grand Slam main draw win and young American Jamie Hampton got a W, Wilson Exclsuive athletes Tatsuma Ito, Stephanie Dubois and Barbora Zahlavova Strycova also won.

One of the things you may not realize is that we are one of a few brands that really utilize our young up and coming players in all facets from ads, to online to autograph sessions.  We will have James Duckworth do his first autograph session at a Slam today, perhaps even his first autograph session… will have to check on that one….. Anyway, as you know, I really love working with our young players and watching them develop, not just on the court, but even through the videos that we do… as with anything, they learn each time they do it, learn their interview style and really find their own voice… it’s very cool. They grow up so quickly (tear)…. before you know it, they are Wimbledon champs! 🙂

We also had Vika Azarenka at the Wilson booth yesterday with some of the global media. What was a bit strange was they wanted a photo op with her in the tub of tennis balls….. Lesson learned: what looks SUPER strange in person, works for photo!! 🙂

Anyway, onto the truth of on the road travel….. I have gained about 5 pounds on this trip from lack of exercise and excessive carbs! lol  When we are going non-stop, I have the tendency to stuff my face……So I am going to try to burn some off by hitting with Clement this morning at the hotel… occasionally I will hit with friends on the road, but when I hit I definitely do not like to hit at the tournament… no one wants to see a ball move that slow and my pasty legs!! haha

So that’s all for now. Meetings in the AM about softgoods with Claire and going to try and get some video of the past days winners.


Until later,


Ps. Check the latest Wilson Tennis Challenge out. Special thanks to Kari Brown for helping me scout this one in Chicago pre-Australian Open! 🙂





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  1. Nice all the inside informatian of players and Wilson

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