Rap it up!- G’Day 6- 2012 Australian Open

Wilson Tour Team Family Dinner. I'm the only girl, lucky me!

Ok, so making time to write a blog everyday is a bit more difficult than I thought, especially when we are trying to service the players and shoot cool as s**t video!! And how can you tell when I am getting tired? I curse a f**kin lot!!  ;P

So yesterday was crazy, the players suite has been non-stop (3 busiest days ever), we are all just running and trying to make sure every single player in the draw receives the new Wilson Tour tennis bag…. not an easy task. We are 15 players away and the main starts tomorrow so that will be our first project this morning….

Yesterday was super hectic, but fun, Wilson Softgoods Director Claire had Feli Lopez for a few hours to make sure we have ads for the next few months. The photos came out great, make sure to check our Facebook for those photos. www.facebook.com/wilsontennis Not a bad way to spend an afternoon…. ladies, let’s just say it was not painful…. Claire asked Feli, “Can you please take your pants off?” and he obliged! lol Not the way you think! He was just changing outfits for the shoot…. took some control not to take photos or drool!! hahaha

After that, we shot Milos Raonic for the Inside the Life of video that we started here. We’ve had pretty good feedback on these videos, which I am pretty proud of… I always get psyched when people get into the work, keeps me motivated even when I am exhausted. It’s super fun to see the ‘real’ person when I shoot these things……we shot Alexandr Dolgopolov the day before, so check out the video below. It was awesome to see another side of Alex and see him let loose and rap!! He is a great player, he is one of the few I really enjoy watching play and think he is going to be a consistent contender in the years to come…

So the real highlight of last night was the Wilson Tour Team dinner. It is a tradition (I’m all about tradition!) that we make the time at least once during each tournament to have a meal as an entire team. What you may not realize is that Renaud & Clement live in France, Jacob in Spain, Mario, Ron, Joel and I live in Chicago… so it’s a very limited amount of time that we actually spend physical time together, we are always communicating via email, phone and BBM, but tournies are the only time to catch up face to face and together as an entire team.  It’s important, for business and for fun! I like to call it the family dinner cause we do all work so closely together and we do feel like family in so many ways… you can not see each other for a long time, but you pick up where you left off… you argue like dogs, but at the end of the day, we’ve got each others back!!!! lol   🙂 Only one thing missing last night… Dianne! Miss you Dianne! 🙂

You guys may or may not know two of our family members, Ron Rocchi & Joel, but you should! 🙂 They are the people behind making sure every player’s racket is ready for battle.  They are our R&D crew and run the stringing room at the Australian Open and an important part of the team. Ron went big time last night with the 650+ gram steak…solid!! 😛

Anyway, I have to run, get ready to go to the courts and we HAVE TO get these bags to the players so they have the new stuff and you guys see the real new stuff on tv! 🙂

Until later,



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