Hail waaahhhhh?!- G’day 3- Australian Open 2012

Inside the Australian Open Stringing Room


Well, today was the 1st day of qualies play. It was an extremely odd day that saw hail (yes hail) then sun, then rain, then sun, then hail and finally some tennis matches!!! I didn’t realize that Melbourne was able to produce these cold temperatures and I have to say that I was a bit bummed….  it’s really weird to see the players on court and then running back towards the locker rooms because of hail…. IS THIS AUSTRALIA?!! WHERE AM I? I blame it on serious jetlag!!! haha  I try to get as many days in the sun when not in Chicago and this is not helping…. 😛

Other than that, it was a successful day. Because of the rain, we were able to spend a little bit more time in the Australian Open Stringing Room that is run by our Wilson String team. I have always enjoyed hanging in the stringing rooms, geek’n out on racket specs/tensions/etc. and we really have an amazing team that makes sure the players are ready for battle. To see how players like Mardy Fish like their rackets prepared, always entertains me….  Above is a photo of Kei’s Steam BLX racket, ready in the stringing room… if I were you, I would check the label, might catch something intriguing…..

Also each day we will share some info from the stringing room, so make sure to check out our Twitter and Facebook for that info……

Today we also managed to shoot some video with Grigor Dimitrov and I have to say I really always enjoy the projects we do and he is a very nice person as well as a talented player…. we talked about music, food he likes and yes, even the Monfils US Open kiss…. make sure to check back in the next couple of days for the video, should be some good fun.

After shooting with Grigor, we had player services where we had Melanie Oudin, Andreas Beck, Petra Martic, Arantxa Rus, Andy Ram, Jonathan Erlich and many more passed by to get the new bag. Everyone is loving the new shape…. check out the tour bags here: Wilson Tour 15 pack

That’s all for now,  I am struggling to keep my eyes open!

Until later,








One response to “Hail waaahhhhh?!- G’day 3- Australian Open 2012

  1. Tracy,

    Thanks for the post and the photos.

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